An Unlimited Supply

It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn. John 21:11

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A few weekends ago, Jocelyn’s Robotics team manned a table at a local craft fair. It was an opportunity to show off their project and practice presenting it. Apparently, Jocelyn was on fire as she drew total strangers to the table and explained how the sensors on the sports equipment send feedback and warnings to coaches when an athlete gets hit.

For three solid hours, Jocelyn talked and talked. When she got home, she talked some more as she told me about how much fun it was to explain their idea to anyone who walked by.

The complete success had her floating on Cloud Nine. The cloud floated even higher when her coach awarded her with the title of MVP for the day and sent a lengthy email praising her efforts and promotional skills.

In the blink of an eye, however, Jocelyn went from flying high to crashing and burning. Her tank ran out of gas. Like a light switch being flipped, she was flat out exhausted and needed of a nap. There is something to be said about too much of a good thing.

I’m the same way. Whatever I do, I do it at 150%. I love investing myself whole-heatedly in something. But then I too crash and burn. It seems whenever we’re not moderate, there’s always a price to pay.

Not so with Jesus. In John 21, He fills the disciples’ net for a second time with so many fish, it strains the net. Although the 153 large fish probably should have torn the net, they don’t. There’s no downside to God’s extravagance.

And extravagant He is. He doesn’t just heal people so they can hobble away. He heals them and then fills them with enough strength to dance and cook, and then serve the meal. When Abram and Sarai are childless for decades, He changes their names and gives them as many descendants as there are stars in the sky. When He leaves His disciples to carry on His ministry after His death, He fills the “unschooled and ordinary men” to the brim with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the point where they’re able to proclaim Him as the Christ with such courage and eloquence, they convert five thousand people in a day.

I think it pleases God that both Jocelyn and I go all in when we’re excited about something. It feeds the bright light within us both. Where we go astray is we rely on our own resources, ones that most certainly have a limited supply.

I think if we each shift to drawing from God, versus drawing from ourselves, we’ll tap into that infinite Source that always provides without any downside at all.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Am I prone to crashing and burning with my limited energy supply?
  • Have I tried drawing from God’s strength, in place of my own, discovering His unlimited supply?

There’s no downside to God’s extravagance.

4 thoughts on “An Unlimited Supply

  1. Great post, Claire! And I can just see Jocelyn all fired up about their project!! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I think she will be following in your footsteps long after school, robotics and all else is done! God bless both of you and keep that fire burning! xoxo


    • Thanks so much, Mom! I learned firsthand from watching you how to go all in. You have such a devotion to your faith and a spirit of volunteerism for anyone in need. I just wish I’d followed your lead years ago of going to God to be renewed in order to sustain me. Better late than never, I suppose! 🙂


  2. I so agree, Claire, that God is pleased when we “go all in “with the talents He gives us
    and wants us to use to the max, just as Jocelyn did, and which you always do. And the enthusiasm and high spirits Jocelyn experienced when completing her successful and rewarding project to which she gave her all, just as you do, is, to me, God’s thank you to her. Now … as far as Jocelyn’s energy and enthusiasm and high spirits crashing after giving her all for Him, that experience to me is so inescapably human that even Jesus, after a fully successful ministry with crowds or His teaching sessions to His challenging Apostles, needed to escape from everyone for quiet prayer on a mountain top for the very reason that He was also experiencing as a fully human being what that crashing felt like. What comfort that should give us all when we doubt that our often inescapable “crashing” makes what we’ve just accomplished less pleasing to our Loving, completely understanding Savior, Jesus!


    • Brilliant point, Jackie! Jesus did experience the “crashing” in His human form. Like every other feeling or experience we have, isn’t it amazing to think that Jesus felt it too? Now, to emulate Him in always going to His Father to be refilled – that’s my challenge, and one I need to overcome in order to role-model it for Jocelyn.


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