What Can You Reclaim?

“I relieved your shoulder of the burden; your hands were freed from the basket. In distress you called, and I rescued you…” Psalm 81:6-7

For years now, I’ve been in the taxi-driving stage of motherhood. That means I’m in the car upwards of two hours a day, shuttling kids to work, boxing, robotics, gymnastics, you name it. Although I’ve enjoyed the bonding time when my kids choose to open up while in the car, there are days when it feels like a waste of time.

That all changed a few weeks ago.

On Friday the 13th, a day that some people claim is unlucky, my oldest son, Zack, took and passed his driving test. It turned out to be a very lucky day for the both of us!

Now, on average, Zack is doing half of my driving. Consequently, I’ve been able to reclaim at least an hour of my time every day. Time is the greatest gift ever. So, it’s feeling a lot like Christmas to me!

When I use that time correctly, I’m able to spend more time in prayer, exercise, and connection with others. It removes the rush and hurry of the day, and I’m more present and calm.

It got me thinking: When I hand over the keys to Zack, I reclaim my time, and things smooth. What could I reclaim if I handed some things over to God?

If I gave Him my fear, I could reclaim peace. If I gave Him my hurt, I could reclaim forgiveness. If I gave Him my anger, I could reclaim kindness.

It’s not always easy to hand the keys over to Zack. He’s still a new and inexperienced driver, after all. Moreover, there are some crazy people out there who could smash into him even if he’s doing everything right.

But as his mom, I have to trust. I have to trust that he’ll do the best he can. I also have to trust that God will take care of the rest.

It’s not always easy to hand things over to God. There are specific outcomes I want that may not be His will for me. But as a child of His, I have to trust. I have to trust that He knows what’s best for me, and will help me reclaim the blessings He’s marked out for me.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Is there a task I can hand over to my kids, or someone else, to reclaim some time for myself?
  • Is there anything I can hand over to God to reclaim the peace and joy He wants to bless me with?

4 thoughts on “What Can You Reclaim?

  1. Great job Claire! Dead on on all accounts… to be able to completely let go – sounds good in theory and it really is the resolution to our woes, but to practice it… CHALLENGING!!!

    Well said. Love ya!!!

    Sent from Mail for Windows


    • Oh you are so correct, Elaine! MUCH easier said than done. I think my approach is to keep repeating it so often in my head, one day it just might take place in my heart. Here’s praying us both into succeeding at this challenge. Love you too!!!


  2. Another powerful and inviting parable you’ve created here, Claire, sharing your experience of handing the car keys over to Zach, thus reclaiming some time you, as faithful parent, had given so lovingly and responsibly to your son … the challenging one that many parents experience, driving their kids to numerous activities each day. And how God is rewarding you now with at least some regained time for your faithful service to your children. Then, as you do so beautifully, coming up with the parallel between that hand over and what we could reclaim by handing over to our God all of our anxieties, fears, un forgiveness, anger, etc. in return for peace, forgiveness, kindness. Wonderful reminder to us all to keep on “handing over” to Him whatever burdens us to then experience the peace and reassurance He so faithfully supplies!


    • Beautifully put, Jackie! Having handed over my burdens to Him time and time again, I know how true this is. Sadly, it’s not always my first response. Far too often I clutch whatever is worrying me, or weighing me down, forgetful of what He can do for me, and resistant to letting go of the control. Thank you for inspiring me, yet again, to keep on trying to give it all to Him!


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