The Wings of Our Gifts

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

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My husband bought “exotic” birdseed for our feeder. It’s very aptly named. It attracts beautiful finches, vibrant cardinals and delicate black-capped chickadees. I sit on my back deck, mesmerized by them all – at how delicate and detailed their feathers are, how thin yet sturdy their legs and claws are, and how unique each one’s beak is.

It was a friendly and trusting bluejay, however, that taught me an important lesson.

As he hopped from feeder to deck rail, this bird was constantly tilting his head, this way and that, on the lookout in case I made a false more or the neighborhood hawk came around. And then, when it was ready, it dove off of the deck rail and into the blue. There was no hesitation, no wondering if there was a risk involved by stepping off of something solid right into thin air.

He trusted his gift of flying, believing in how God made him. As he flapped his wings, he went higher and higher, and then flew away.

That bird was a reminder that God made each and every one of us with the utmost care. He counted the hairs on our head and placed a gift in our heart, unique to just us for our individual purpose. Like a pair of wings, when we discover what that is, it’s as if we can fly.

But how many of us trust that gift, and trust God enough to jump off the ledge and into thin air? If we did, and we flapped the wings of our purpose, I’m certain we’d rise up and fly to new heights.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Do I believe God has placed a gift within my heart, unique to just me?
  • Have I discovered what that gift is, and have I flapped the wings of it into existence?
  • Do I trust it and God enough to take the plunge, jumping off the ledge with complete trust?

My friend, and fellow OSV author, Kelly Guest, trusted her gift, jumped off the ledge, and wrote this beautiful book, Saintly Moms. I’d be grateful if you supported her by purchasing the book by clicking here. I’m certain you’ll be blessed by it and all that Kelly shares from her heart.

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4 thoughts on “The Wings of Our Gifts

  1. Claire, I’m having problems with opening up your further comments on this blog. I’m getting a message that my clock is not right, yet when I see the time they show, it’s exactly right. I feel so sorry that I’m getting this message because I love responding to your blogs, especially this one about one of my favorite birds, the BlueJay! Jackie



    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with the comment section, Jackie! But if it’s any consolation, this comment did come through. I’m hoping the issue smooths out for you. I miss reading your perspective on my reflections.


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