Advent Book Club

Want Less Stress and More Peace This Advent?

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to host the Catholic Mom Advent Book Club! On the first three Monday nights of Advent (Nov. 29th, Dec. 6 & 13), I’ll be discussing how the principles of my new book, Grace in Tension: Discover Peace with Martha and Mary, can be implemented so we experience less stress this Christmas season and find more time to sit at the feet of the Christ Child.

Here’s what we’ll talk about during this Book Club:

Session 1 (November 29, 2021): In this session, I’ll talk about how God can and is working for our good in the midst of our tension. I’ll walk you through the G-I-F-T acronym to help you see that applying it to the stress of the Christmas season can transform into grace.

Click here to watch Session 1 on YouTube

Questions for Reflection:


  • Where am I feeling tension this Advent?
  • When I sit at the feet of God with that tension, what does He reveal through the G-I-F-T process?

Chapter 1 – Embracing the Gentle Nudge:

  • Am I carrying out my Advent tasks with right intention?
  • If not, how do I align my heart with my head so I do carry everything out with love?

Chapter 2 – Choosing a New Response:

  • Have I been digging my heals into my choices this Advent instead of embracing God’s gentle nudge?
  • What happens to my tension when I do?
  • How does that make me feel?

Session 2 (December 6, 2021): In this session, I’ll outline four major ways we can reduce tension so we experience the joy of Christmas.

Click here to watch Session 2 on YouTube

Questions for Reflection:

Chapter 3 – Drawing Healthy Boundaries:

  • What are my priorities for this Advent?
  • How do I dig those posts into my days?
  • Where is the line between enough with these priorities, and too much?

Chapter 4 – Trimming Back the Extras

  • What tasks have I taken on that aren’t meant for me?
  • For the things I am meant to do, what extras can I cut out as I carry out those tasks?

Chapter 5 – Deferring to a Different Season

  • In what ways am I trying to do it all?
  • What tasks can I defer to a different season?

Chapter 6 – Preventing Comparison

  • How does God see me?
  • What gifts & talents has He gifted me with?
  • How can I honor & be grateful for those gifts?

Session 3 (December 13, 2021)In this session, I’ll outline four additional ways we can reduce stress so we find the time to sit at the feet of the Christ Child.

Click here to watch Session 3 on YouTube

Questions for Reflection:

Chapter 7 – Asking for Help:

  • What tasks can I ask other people to help me with this Advent?
  • Who would be best for each one?

Chapter 8 – Defining Priorities:

  • What are my priorities this Advent?
  • How do I remain focused on those priorities?
  • How do I remove distractions and worry?

Chapter 9 – Valuing Self-Care:

  • Where have I been running on fumes this Advent?
  • What can I do to restore?
  • When can I realistically fit that in?

Chapter 10 – Employing Self-Discipline:

  • What bad patterns have I gotten into this Advent?
  • How can I go about reversing them?
  • In what other ways do I need to employ self-discipline in order to find peace this Advent?

You don’t need to have read my book to watch the above videos. If you are interested in getting a copy, you can purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.

*This post contains an affiliate link.

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