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“Come to me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you.”    Matthew 11:28

     Evening retreats are offered at St. Matthews Parish Center in Windham, NH.

2ffac-bibleandcandle     As a way to shed the stress of motherhood before the session begins, moms have the option of having a 15 minute table massage with Licensed Massage Therapist Nina Gilbert.

     The session will start with a technique called “Clearing The Space.”  This is a short meditation that helps moms get centered.  Claire McGarry will then present a topic relevant to faith and motherhood, followed by a theme related guided meditation to further help moms find that place of inner peace and serenity.  Each mom will then move to a quiet spot in the Parish Center and be given a list of questions for reflection.  It is during this time that each mom will hopefully find the space and silence to engage with God to get the answers that she seeks.The session will end with each mom coming back to the circle and sharing, within her comfort zone, what she has discovered during her time with God.

The 2015-2016 Retreat Session Will Be:

“The Woman At The Well: Being Refilled When Life and Motherhood Has Us Drained”

2016: Friday, April 1st, May 20th      at 7:30 p.m.

The retreat session is $30 per person.
The 15 minute table massages are at an additional rate of $10 per person.
In order to create an intimate space, and to allow sufficient time for sharing, enrollment is limited to 5 moms.

To enroll, contact Claire McGarry at For more information, photos and testimonials visit

 Evening Retreat May 20th, 2016


(L to R front) Sara Kurczewski, Kristin Nelson, Carrie Dutil (L to R back) Meghan Ridlon, Kacie Rokel

 Evening Retreat April 1st, 2016

(L to R front) Annemarie Orlando, Carin Rogers, TJ O’Loughlin (L to R back) Liz Kistler, Katie Murphy

 Evening Retreat Friday, January 29th, 2016

(L to R front) Robin Sasek, Kristen Alicea, Joy Prout (L to R back) Meagan Koes, Mary Mottolo

Evening Retreat Friday, November 20th, 2015

11 22 15 002

(L to R front ) Laura Phillips, Christina Clifford, Angel Bacigalupo (L to R back ) Naomi Thompson, Kristin Sellitto

Evening Retreat Friday, May 29th, 2015
6 3 15 002

(L to R front ) Denice King, Alison Lewandowski, Krista Simpson (L to R back ) Stacey Toupin, Rebecca Chaffee

Evening Retreat Thursday, March 5th, 2015
3 12 15 001

(L to R front ) Kristin Seed, TJ O’Loughlin, Danielle Bustamante (L to R back ) Judy Nolan, Jean Armano

Evening Retreat Friday, February 13th, 2015
2015 February 013

(L to R front) Kristine Vidic, Karen Guepy (L to R back) Kate Vachon, Rosalie Moschitto

Evening Retreat Friday, January 30th, 2015
2015 January 018

(L to R front) Katie Murphy, Meagan Koes, Joy Prout (L to R back) Karen Guepy, Laura Cousens

For more photos of past retreats, visit my MOSAIC of Faith site.

From Jean Armano, mother of three children (ages 9, 7 and 2):

“Thanks again for a great retreat! I enjoyed the theme of the retreat because I know I am a ‘Martha,’ but the retreat gave me the opportunity to be a ‘Mary’ for the evening. It is amazing how much God wants to give us when we make Him the focus. The ability to relax and slow down enough to breathe God in made me feel refreshed. I walked away with a true appreciation of my role as wife and mother. Thank you for the small ways I can transform myself into the loving ‘Mary’ that I want to become!”

From TJ O’Loughlin, mother of three children (ages 6, 4 and 2):

“I attended my first MOSAIC of Faith retreat and was completely awed and thankful. I came away relaxed, rejuvenated, and once again able to the the mom I want to be. I was able to reconnect with God and hear what He has been telling me all along, and get concrete steps in place to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend every mom should attend one.”

From Stacy Dolliver, mother of three children (ages 10, 5 and 2):

“The MOSAIC of Faith evening retreat was such a wonderful surprise.  I was hoping to get out of my house for some much needed me time, but I got so much more than that!  I got time with wonderful women, a wonderfully planned spiritual retreat complete with practical tips for everyday, and time with my God.  I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening!”

From Kim Masse, mother of two children (ages 5 and 3):

“Spending the evening at the MOSAIC of Faith retreat was a welcome relief.  Aside from the perks of being kid-free for a few hours (oh the joy of being able to actually start and finish a warm beverage, indulge in uninterrupted adult conversation, and kick-start my serenity with a massage), it was quality time to reconnect with God.  Through self-reflection, meditation, and Claire’s carefully picked scripture passage, it was easier than I expected it would be to gain insight into God and my struggles, and to share my reflections with the group.  Listening to the other moms was inspiring.  It helped me realize that we are all in this together.”

From Karen Guepy, mother of four children (ages 16, 13, 7 and 1):

“After a week of snow days, the evening retreat was a perfect way to recharge my battery and reconnect with God! The evening of relaxation and quiet time was wonderful! I was amazed at how relaxed I became after a wonderful massage and the peaceful space that Claire created. Every mom should try this! I can’t wait to go again. Thank you Claire, your retreat is such a gift. I’m just glad I accepted it!”

From Christina Dunn, mother of three children (ages 18, 7 and 5):

“The MOSAIC of Faith evening retreat provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment where women at any place in their faith can honestly and openly discuss their relationship with God.  Claire beautifully creates an atmosphere of comfort and healing that allows each participant to explore where God is present in her life, and where she could invite God to be more involved.  Any woman of faith struggling with the challenges and demands of motherhood would benefit spiritually by attending this retreat.  This retreat truly was another step on my journey of faith.  I am eternally grateful for the experience that I had while participating in our group.”

From Laura Phillips, mother of four children (ages 13, 4, 3 and 1):

“I have attended previous MOSAIC of Faith evening retreats and have always found them to be very helpful in furthering my spiritual life and providing me time for much-needed reflection. This most recent retreat topic, though, couldn’t have come at a better time for me. As a mother of three young children, with another one on the way, I have very frequently been feeling ‘drained’ the past few months, in part due to the lack of guaranteed quiet prayer time that this season of life has held for me. I have read so often about saints making their daily, ordinary lives a prayer but have never been able to bring that to reality in my own life. Claire’s ‘The Woman at the Well: Being Refilled When Life and Motherhood Has Us Drained’ retreat opened my eyes to the practical, simple ways in which I can attain this ideal in my own life.  I have already experienced so many graces since that night as a result! Thank you, Claire!”

From Mary Mottolo, mother of two children (ages 10 and 5):

“The Martha and Mary retreat was life-changing for me.  I went hoping for just a few hours of relaxation and quiet prayer time, which I struggle with at home since my boys are always making noise.  But I gained so much more – a deeper appreciation of who I am as a child of God, and what a joy it is to raise my children.  I came to understand that the little motions of everyday, which seem so annoying, are really offerings, made possible by grace.  My perspective has definitely shifted!”

From Kristine Vidic, mother of two children (ages 13 and 8):

“The MOSAIC of Faith evening retreat was amazing!  I was truly inspired by the deep meditational exercises that allowed me to focus on my own personal relationship with God.  I enjoyed listening and learning about Martha and Mary’s relationship with Jesus.  I was able to reflect on their actions and internally process how I can become a stronger image of Jesus to my children through my actions.  It was an amazing journey even if it was only a few hours.  I would recommend this retreat to any woman of faith.”

From Joy Prout, mother of four children (ages 10, 8, 6 and 1):

“I was thoroughly blessed by my time at the January evening retreat. The Mary and Martha scripture was presented in a way that was a fresh perspective for me. Like Martha, I know there are things that need to be done, but I can do them with a servant/loving heart and relish the “little interactions with my family along the way.” And I can look for those Mary moments, when I should be 100% present to my family. I loved the idea that sitting with my kids is likened to sitting at the feet of Jesus. He wants to bless me and love me through them, and I should use them to help me slow down and enjoy life. There were so many spiritual and practical lessons I learned that I can chew on for many months. I believe I will truly become a better, more balanced mom.”

From Meagan Koes, mother of two children (ages 10 and 7):

“The MOSAIC retreat on the topic of Martha and Mary resonated with me as a mother. The scripture reading was interpreted for us, and then we were given steps to improve our motherhood in ways that Jesus would like us to. I will be reflecting on the messages and implementing the improvements. The evening gave me the opportunity to pause, relax, and soak in a spiritual experience.”

From Angel Bacigalupo, mother of three children (ages 5, 3 and 1):

“I participated in the ‘Woman at the Well’ retreat in the middle of participating in the ’33 Days to Morning Glory’ Marian Consecration retreat, and the day immediately following my monthly MOSAIC group.  Life does not occur in a vacuum.  Each of these moments helped me to come to a deeper understanding for the other.  The guided meditation, which I typically  struggle with, was mind opening for me and helped me to find some clarity with some personal dilemmas I had been struggling with.  The whole night helped me to better focus on my 33 days readings.”

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