IMG_2718 (2)Despite extensive travel, several careers, and years overseas as a missionary, I’ve found that nothing has expanded my faith, or my horizons, as much as motherhood. I thought I knew most everything before having kids. Now, as a mom, I realize I never knew much at all!


With three beautiful kids,  Zack (18), Mason (16), and Jocelyn (12), I’m finding that motherhood is impacting my faith in ways I never would have imagined, and my faith is doing the same to my motherhood.


Blogging, with a focus on scripture, is further enhancing that process by opening my eyes to new ways of looking at things, forcing me to face some difficult truths about myself, but always bringing me new growth in great and purposeful ways.


My hope is that my blog will resonate with other moms who recognize the importance of looking at their own motherhood through the lens of faith, and that they too will grow in great and purposeful ways.


Thanks so much for visiting.  I hope you’ll return often!

Blessings and grace,

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    • So glad you feel the same way Jennifer! Motherhood is quite the journey – so challenging. But when you add faith, it all starts to make sense and it becomes so gratifying!


    • Wow! Thank you for your kind words, Azma. It’s also so, so true. Always trying to be a better mother, I find myself calling on God all the time for help. Calling on Him enhances my faith. Receiving what He gives me enhances my motherhood. It’s like the best two-for-one special ever!!!


  1. You are so correct about motherhood being a great mode for faith and for learning. As my three sons have grown to manhood, I am constantly filled with awe in how much they teach me. Over the years of watching them become three excellent human beings, my love for them deepens and my faith grows. I thank God daily for my faith and my love and my three excellent sons!


    • It sounds like your love and pride are well deserved! Your love for them, and for God, is most undoubtedly responsible for who your amazing sons have become. Lucky, lucky them!


    • I’m thrilled you want to follow me here Steve! Thank you! I look forward to sharing posts with you each week. Please feel free to comment whenever something resonates. I learn so much from my readers’ perspectives!


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