Five Eggs and A Camera

And He took bread, gave thanks, broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”           Luke 22:19
     In addition to the usual piano, karate, band, snare drum, Faith and Play, gymnastics and homework, there were other special events happening this week that my mommy-brain just could not retain.  Although most of the world has progressed to electronic reminders on their computers and iphones, the most advanced I’ve gotten is a beeping alarm on my blue, $10 plastic watch that goes off at 3:15 p.m. every day to remind me to get my kids at the bus stop!  I’m just an old-school girl who reverts to the backs of 8 1/2 by 11 recycled school papers  and a gigantic Sharpie marker to create good old-fashioned signs that I strategically place around the house:  “Zack’s Parent Teacher Conference, Tues. @ 6:45 p.m.” hung from the handle of the oven, “Mason’s Spring Concert, Wed. @ 1 p.m.” set in the middle of the breakfast island, and “Five Eggs and A Camera” taped around the strap of Jocelyn’s backpack.
      Today was Jocelyn’s nursery school Spring party with an Easter egg hunt that I was volunteering for.  I knew that if I didn’t have that reminder note taped to her backpack, I’d be the lame mother who showed up empty handed.  Moreover, I would lose the opportunity to capture the event on my camera for her birthday photo book.  But because of that note, I showed up with happy colored plastic Easter eggs with treats inside, and got some great photos to remember the day by!
      Like I place reminders around the house, there are reminders placed in the mass to focus my attention on where it should be.  At the consecration, during a Catholic mass, not only are there the words, “Do this in memory of me,” but there is the raising of the host and wine as a visual reminder, and the ringing of those beautiful bells as an auditory reminder.  That’s three different ways I’m being prompted to focus on the miracle, and the immense sacrifice that Jesus made for us.  Yet, most times, I’m either selfishly praying for my own needs, nudging my boys to kneel up respectfully (versus that lazy half kneeling, half sitting pose they strike), or keeping my daughter from rolling under the pew like only a petite little three year old can.  And trust me, in my days before kids, I was just as skilled at missing the reminders by paying more attention to the swirl of thoughts in my head, than to what was actually happening on the altar.
     As we approach Good Friday, the day that commemorates all that Jesus did for us, may we all heed the signs that remind us to be humbled, awe struck, and profoundly grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

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