A Much Needed Pep Talk

“Cheer up!  On your feet!  He’s calling you.”   Mark 10:49
5 29 15 069     I was overwhelmed yesterday morning creating my “to do” list.  I just couldn’t see how it was possible to fit it all in.  In the midst of trying to prepare for a retreat I’m running for moms tonight (preparing food, setting up all the private prayer spaces at my church, etc.), Zack had his fifth grade school concert, I had to go and take pictures of Jocelyn’s last swim class, Zack had back to back karate classes, Mason had a baseball game, and I had another MOSAIC Moms group last night.  Somewhere in there, I had to cook dinner, help with homework, and send a heap of emails.  Looking at that long list had me pitying myself, lamenting my situation, feeling burdened by the weight of it all.  I was ready to throw in the towel before I even began my day.

     And then I read yesterday’s Gospel, and everything changed.  I do feel God speak to me often through scripture.  But yesterday’s passage felt like it was written specifically for me.  If felt as if Jesus was grabbing me by the shoulders, looking me squarely in the eyes, and giving me a pep talk: “Cheer up!  On your feet!  He’s calling you.  Don’t you know how fortunate you are that God chose you for it all?  He knows you can do it.  Otherwise He would have chosen someone else.  Just get on your feet, and take one step at a time.  We won’t abandon you.  We’re right beside you, and we’ll pave the way to make sure that what really needs to get done, will get done.”
     I know I’m not the only mom feeling like this.  School is coming to an end.  As it winds down, our “to do” lists wind up.  But I hope you hear God’s pep talk, and know that He’s saying it just for you too.
     Yes, we are all overwhelmed, stretched too thin, and at the point of breaking.  But after we weed out the unnecessary busy work, leaving just the important things on our lists, we need to recognize that what’s left are blessings.  How lucky are we that we have been called, that God thought us worthy, that we can be His hands and feet on earth to carry out His assignments?  What an honor.  What a gift.  What a blessed life we all get to lead!
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8 thoughts on “A Much Needed Pep Talk

  1. Claire, you are truly blessed that God sends you the perfect message at the perfect time! There is no doubt He is always there at every moment of our lives, giving each of us the graces we need for each task–we simply have to be aware and listen. Thanks for the reminder!! Love you and love reading your blog!!


  2. I just sent you an email about this very thing last night! This really hit home. I know I will get through all these changes we have going on here! Thanks Claire!


    • I love your outlook and positive attitude Pam! “Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you” because He knows you can do it all! And so don’t I 🙂


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