The Art of Hypersensitive Listening

“‘While you were doing all these things,’ declares the Lord, ‘I spoke to you again and again but you did not listen.'”   Jeremiah 7:13
6 26 15 076      We’ve lived in our current home for over eight years now.  During all that time, there haven’t been any kids in the neighborhood for my kids to play with.  Any and all playdates have been scheduled, requiring transportation for drop offs and pick ups.  Until now…
     A new family just moved in two doors down with three kids around my kids’ ages.  My kids now want to play with them morning, noon and night.  I love that they all get along, but I also want to be respectful of the other family.  I don’t want to overstep their boundaries, intrude on their family time.
     Unbeknownst to me, while I’ve been trying to figure this all out, the kids themselves established their own system.  When the new kids head out to the grass circle on the cul-de-sac to play, they make as much noise as possible to signal my kids to join them.  Consequently, my kids have developed this hypersensitive hearing that rivals any super power.  No matter how deeply they are engrossed in something, they hear those voices on the summer air in three seconds flat.  If only they listened for me that well!

     I think God is thinking the same thing about me lately.  Rather than hearing Him, I’ve had my ears attuned to other things: summer fun, party planning, technology dings.  During my prayer time I’ve been rambling more than I’ve been listening.  Moreover, when I do get quiet, I’ve lost the ability to recognize His voice.  Instead, I just hear silence.
     The other morning, as I sat in my prayer time trying to get quiet, trying to hear God’s voice, my husband decided to play “chase” with my kids downstairs.  Oh my – the ruckus!  There was the pounding of four sets of feet, and a great deal of shouting.  I got out of my chair and was just about to yell down to “Please be more quiet,” when my husband must have caught Jocelyn.  She let out that shriek that’s a mixture of fear and ecstatic excitement.  It stopped me in my tracks.  That shriek was complete and utter joy, a passion for fun, sheer elation for being alive.  In it, I heard God.
     I’ve been so focused on trying to get “still” and quiet to hear God, that I forgot He speaks through the noise and chaos too.  He is everywhere, and in everything.  Of course it’s wonderful to Hear him in the silence.  But the reality is, I live in a noisy house, in a noisy world.  The more I practice hypersensitive listening for God’s voice, the stronger my hearing will become.  Then, not only will I have developed a super power like my kids, but I’ll be more connected and attuned to God, even in the midst of the chaos.
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