Happy To Help

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1
9 18 15 058 with word overlay     An acquaintance called and left me a voicemail over the weekend.  I don’t know her well; our boys were in the same class years ago but have since drifted apart.  Her message started off with, “I feel like I only call you when I need something…”  But I didn’t care.  I love helping others, connecting them to people and resources, solving their problems.  It makes me feel needed and useful.  So even though it had been years, I welcomed her call.

     I’ve been struggling with an issue lately, one that I couldn’t even put into words.  If I couldn’t define it for myself, I certainly couldn’t bring it to my family or friends to help me work through it.  So I took it to God.
     It’s then that I made the connection: Just like I welcome people asking me for help (even mere acquaintances or complete strangers), so too God welcomes us asking Him for help.  He loves to be needed.  He wants to help us solve our problems.  He doesn’t care if we haven’t turned to Him in years, or if we only go to Him when we are struggling.  His love is unconditional, no strings attached.  Although He would love a more constant and consistent relationship, He is ready and willing to be there for us no matter what.
     And unlike me, who can’t always solve other people’s problems (no matter how much I want to), God can.  He may not solve them in the time frame we lay out, or in the exact way we want, but He does solve them nonetheless.
     So the next time you have a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I really will try to help in any way I can.  But if you want a real solution, the right answer, turn to God.  He’s ready.  He’s willing.  He’s The Source.  And He’s always happy to help!
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4 thoughts on “Happy To Help

  1. Claire, I hope you received the help from God that you needed. And I sincerely hope that you can come to me or whoever the one, who is key to finding the answer for you. You are ALWAYS available to anyone who calls on you. And I, for one, take total advantage of your common sense and ability to find the most appropriate solution. Sometimes the caretaker needs to be taken care of and I truly hope you realize that and ask for help, assistance, or simply an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. You have been a tremendous help for Kerry and for me.
    God bless you and continue to use you as a blessing to all of us who benefit from your wise words and works!!!!

    Love you!!


    • Thanks Mom! I know you’re ALWAYS there for me. You’re so giving and selfless, you don’t even realize how much you do for me, and for others. You have been a tremendous role model of what “faith in action” looks like. Thank you for that – and for everything! Love you too!!!


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