My Guest Post on Faithful Devotions:

Making The World A Better Place

3 19 15 079“And a sword will pierce your own soul too.”  Luke 2:35

For Lent each year, my three kids make their own crown of thorns out of Play-doh and toothpicks. Then, over the course of the next 40 days, they focus on trying to do kind things for others. Each time they do, they take a thorn out of their crowns. The idea is: if they are helping someone else, they are helping Jesus. Their kind actions remove the thorns that caused Him so much pain.

The other day Zack came home from school and asked if he could take two thorns out of his crown. I asked him what he had done to help others. He explained that during recess, he had retrieved Brock’s tennis ball twice when it went out of play.

I am calling this boy “Brock” to protect the “not so innocent.” The “backstory” is: Zack has been friends with two other kids for years. Last August, Zack and I were thrilled to find out that his two friends were placed in his class this year. Consequently, it has been a great school year since… up until a few months ago.

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2 thoughts on “My Guest Post on Faithful Devotions:

  1. Auntie bear would like rise up too. When it becomes personal for any of us it makes it even more difficult to comprehend how Mary and Jesus forgave the way they did. Your keeping scripture as the forefront from which you learn and parent makes you such a better person. You are a great mother to those 3 lucky tikes!


    • Thanks for having Zack’s back Kerry! The more I read the Bible, the more I realize it is an amazing “How To” book on parenting. Now if only I could consistently implement it…


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