Bad At Bluffing

… anyone who approaches God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.     Hebrews 11:6

2-23-17-with-word-overlayMy kids gave my husband poker chips for Christmas a few years ago. He has been trying to teach them how to play ever since.

It’s so interesting to watch: him trying to explain the concept of “bluffing,” and them struggling to reconcile that with me always telling them to be honest and never lie. The end result is: it’s completely obvious when they’re bluffing, and when they’re not.

You’ve got to figure it’s exactly the same with God.

In this new “surrender” phase of mine, I’ve been struggling with my faith. I have enough of it to know that if I am going to surrender my control of things, I’m not going to surrender it to fate, or karma, or the universe. I’m surrendering it to God, and His master plan.

However, I can’t always say I completely trust Him. Or, better said, I do trust Him; I’m just scared sometimes of what His master plan is. I don’t want the difficult; I don’t want to suffer. I want a life of ease, full of joy, happiness and love, all the time.

So, sometimes when I pray, I am bluffing. I’m withholding the truth that I’m not all in, that I question His plan, that I want to call the shots myself. If my husband and I can tell when our kids are bluffing in poker, you can be sure God knows when we’re not being honest in prayer.

The difference is, there’s no danger in prayer. Bad bluffing in poker can result in losing your shirt. That’s not the case with God.

He always accepts us right where we’re at, even if it’s in a place of doubt. Moreover, we can win bigger in prayer than we can in poker. The more we pray, the more centered we become in Him. At His center there is no fear, no worry, no doubt. In my book, that’s a jackpot far bigger than any pile of money you can win in a game of cards.

Questions For Reflection:

     *  When I pray, do I do so with complete trust?

     * Or am I sometimes withholding the truth from God?

     * Do I think I should pray only when I have complete trust?


2 thoughts on “Bad At Bluffing

  1. You hit the mark on this one, Claire! You’re reading my mind. Praying always, but just a hint of doubt that the answer will be exactly what I want it to be. Truly need to surrender when I say “Jesus, I trust in you.” It must be fun watching the kids try to bluff! Love you and them!


    • I hear you, Mom! That’s the exact prayer I say, and then I tag on, “Increase my faith.” Sometimes I’m downright begging for that increase. I think every time I look back over what He has done in my life, I can see His hand. Then my faith does increase. It’s just the forward part that’s scary…


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