Why Do We Condemn Ourselves?

Published on CatholicMom.com.

DSC01065My ten-year-old son, Mason, has been playing baseball for six years, spring and fall, with batting clinics and camps in between. None of it seemed to be clicking. He did okay, and liked it enough; but there was no real spark. I had a hunch he was only playing baseball to please my husband. When I’d ask Mason about it, he’d imply it was part of the reason, but he’d never give me a straight answer.

There has been a vast turnaround this baseball season, and it’s blowing me away! Not only is there never a complaint about going to a practice or game, but Mason is skipping-out-the-door excited about it all.

That positive attitude is doing amazing things for his game. He’s hitting 100% better, and he’s caught fly balls to make outs in almost every game. I’ve been so thrilled to see him so happy and proud of himself, I haven’t dissected the situation to figure out where the change came from. Of course age and practice have something to do with it, but this transformation is bigger than that.

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