Look To The Cross

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DSC02325The women in my MOSAIC of Faith network, and the parishioners of my church, just built a Prayer Path in the woods behind our parish center. The path is laid out in a labyrinth pattern, with only one way in and one way out. With no dead ends, there is no way to lose your way.

It is a walking prayer. The idea is to review all of your problems and related emotions as you journey in, sharing them all with God. At the center, you stop and stay as long as it takes to hand all those problems and emotions over to God. Once you’ve put it all in His hands, you retrace your same exact steps out, but you do so with a lightness of being, renewed hope, and joy.

Although labyrinths have been around in the Catholic Church since the twelfth century, there was some concern at my parish that it would be perceived as a pagan ritual. To dispel those concerns, a volunteer built a beautiful cross that was installed as the focal point of the space. Now, before entering our Prayer Path, and when we arrive at its center, we raise our eyes to the cross and meditate on it. Doing so roots us in Christ.

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