Always Ready To Listen

I love the Lord, for He heard my voice; He heard my cry for mercy.             Psalm 116:1

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The other day, Zack was going on and on about a level he created in Geometry Dash. Pretending to listen, I emptied the dishwasher and thought about that day’s line up, at the same time responding with “aha,” “aha,” whenever it seemed appropriate. Jocelyn interrupted Zack and said, “Mommy isn’t interested in video games.” Zack responded, “I know. But she’s nice enough to pretend she is.” The exchange actually had me laughing out loud: First, because my seven-year-old completely called me out. And, second, because my thirteen-year-old knew I wasn’t really listening, but barreled ahead anyways.

It got me thinking…

I’m sure there’s no dishwasher in Heaven that has God multitasking while we talk to Him in our prayer time. However, I’m also sure He has A LOT of other things on His mind. In the grand scheme of things, I can only assume what we prattle on and on about to Him is just as mundane as Zack’s video game babble.

The difference is, where we sometimes pretend to listen to our kids, or only lend them half an ear, I believe God is deeply invested in everything we say. In only the way the Divine can do, He hears every word every one of us prays to Him, always. Moreover, He hears our hearts when we’re struck mute, overwhelmed by our individual circumstances.

Wordy or silent, life altering or mundane, no matter how we approach Him, or what issues we bring, God is always ready to listen. He’s not in a rush. He never checks His watch or cell phone. He never gives us the impression He’d rather be somewhere else, doing something else, no matter what mess we lay at His feet.

Instead, He opens His arms and welcome us in. Then, He either pulls up a chair to listen to what we have to share, or simply holds us when we have no words. His only agenda is to be there for us, no matter what, and shower us with His mercy.

When we question what we ever did to deserve this unconditional love and support, we hear Him say, “It’s what I created you for.” That’s when we’re inspired to pay that same unconditional love and support forward to others, especially to our own children. Isn’t that what we created them for?

Questions for Reflection:

     * Do I recognize that God is ALWAYS ready to listen, no matter what?

     * Do I mirror that response to others, and to my own children?

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2 thoughts on “Always Ready To Listen

  1. I love that your kids know you so well!! I thank God He is so loving and available to listen to all of our requests–of which there are many, Knowing that He is always there to listen is what keeps us all so confident that He hears and responds. xoxo


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