My Published Story


Empowered Woman coverMy published story, “Already Possessing the Answers,” in

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman

hits the stores and Amazon today.

To enter a raffle to win a free copy… 

mention your favorite Shifting My Perspective post in the Comment section below. Raffle deadline is Tuesday, May 8th. Don’t forget to leave your name so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

Happy May Day everyone!

10 thoughts on “My Published Story

  1. It is hard to choose a favorite post but if I HAD to choose… would be the one with Mason and the Pendulum of emotion. That one really spoke to me personally. Congratulations!! My book will be here later today (can’t wait to read it) but if I win another copy, I will give it to my mom for Mother’s Day 🙂

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  2. I think my favorite is “All in How You Look At It”. I love that Jocelyn was seeing Gold and you were seeing the rotten tooth. 🙂 I am trying to keep that in my mind, especially these days, and look for the gold where I feel like there is only coal. Congratulations on your writing success!!! So well deserved!

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  3. Claire, I am going to have a difficult time choosing, however, if I have to, I am going to go with Losing Time 9/29/16. I truly loved how your thought of losing time turned not only into gaining time but so much more. I have taken your words into thought so many times when I feel I can’t find the time. When you put your time into Him there is always time to spare. Thank you so much for all of your perspectives and please keep them coming ❤️

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  4. Congratulations Claire, what better than to share with an even larger God (and unknowingly seeking God) audience!

    April 19 2018

    Letting Him Speak

    Reading your calm God moment in defensive mana bear mode resonated with this mama bear. The reminder to always pray for guidance especially at the hot button moments.

    Impressed on me how to respond in such situations. (Not react) bullies are lousy and we hope and pray our children are not on the giving or receiving end of such behavior. But if it happens, staying calm and following God’s path …honest (not mean) dialogue goes a long way to healing.

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