And The Winner Is…


Photo courtesy of Pixabay


Thank you to everyone who entered the contest to win a free copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman with my story “Already Possessing the Answers.”

And thank you to all the other wonderful people in my world who sent such sweet messages of support and encouragement. I’m truly blessed by all of you!

3 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. So happy for Liz!! I started reading all of your posts, Claire, from day 1! I would pick one as a favorite, then read another, and thought ” no, this is my favorite”, and did the same for each one I read! Truth is, they are all so amazing and I relate to each and every one of them. You are an inspiration and a blessed reminder to put God at the forefront of our lives each and every day. I am so proud of you and your gift of keeping us focused on that! xo

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    • Awww, Mom!!! I feel the same way when it comes to your comments! Every time I think you’ve lifted me as high as I can go, you lift me higher with your next comment! I count my lucky stars that God gifted me with you. Thank you SO much for all your love and support, always!!!! I love you!


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