Piggy in Heaven Review

I was thrilled and honored to be chosen as a member of Melinda Johnson’s Launch Team for her new children’s board book, Piggy in Heaven.

Getting a sneak peak of this wonderful book with it’s lyrical writing and adorable illustrations, I can’t help but recommend it to everyone!


Piggy in Heaven is a sweet book about an endearing guinea pig named Piggy. When Piggy wakes up in a glorious field filled with delicious grass and daisies, two new joyful friends lovingly reveal he’s actually in heaven. Told in a winsome and gentle voice, this book is sure to help young readers through the loss of a pet.

As the story unfolds, kids learn that just as much as they mourn their pets, their pets yearn to be reunited with them. Awaiting this heavenly reunion, children will find comfort imagining their pets in a safe and celestial place, surrounded by such warm and caring friends.

Published by Paraclete Press, this story releases on January 8th, 2019. Click here to pre-order on Amazon.

* This post contains an affiliate link.

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