A Three Minute Sabbath

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 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.    John 14:27

1.2.19 A Three Minute Sabbath Pixabay.com

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I started back to work last month, after fourteen years of raising kids and doing small, paying jobs from home. I’m still learning the juggling act of working outside the house, while still keeping up with all the responsibilities of motherhood. Most days I’m completely wiped out by bedtime, and I can’t get rid of my kids fast enough.

After one especially hard day, my eight-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, asked if we could kneel down and pray together before I tucked her in. Because I’m such a bad mom at that hour, we do our family praying in the car as I travel all over town dropping off and picking up kids. So it took everything I had not to yell “NO! We already prayed today!!”

Seriously, how can a mother of faith turn down that request? Regardless, I knelt down with resentment and impatience, wanting it to be over before we even began.

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2 thoughts on “A Three Minute Sabbath

  1. I love that you asked, Mary! It was some random prayer she chose out of her children’s book of prayers. It wasn’t so much the actual prayer, as it was my little, eight-year-old daughter blessing me with her deep faith that God was listening and present. Through her faith and sweet voice, my heart was opened wide so God could bless and transform me. 🙂


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