Getting Ready for Lent

I’m thrilled to announce that my Lenten devotional, “With Our Savior,” is on sale again! Published by Creative Communications for the Parish, “With Our Savior” is a 48-page Lenten devotional for families. For each day of Lent there is a little, family-friendly story to help parents and kids connect to that day’s scripture passage. The story is followed by a short prayer, and then an activity to help prepare everyone for Easter.

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Read on to see what readers are saying about “With Our Savior.”

This guide is an Answer to My Prayers!

For years I have been searching for a Lenten devotional for the whole family. I have purchased quite a few but nothing has really clicked with my family. I saw this guide on the Living Faith website and decided to give it a try (you can’t beat the price). This guide is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, an answer to my prayers! The short reflections are packed with powerful messages and lessons that all ages can relate to. As a bonus, Ms. McGarry has a “With Your Family” section. This section has activity suggestions and discussion prompts. All of the activities are quick and easy to implement with materials we have around the house (many don’t require any materials). Our daily life is so busy but I know that this guide will be a great way for my family to take a moment, slow down and reflect upon all that Jesus did for us. I am so grateful for this WONDERFUL Lenten resource!!!

Perfect Lenten devotional for families with elementary-school children

Families with school-age children will enjoy Claire McGarry’s “With Our Savior: Family Devotions for Lent.” Each day begins with a line or two from Scripture, followed by a short reflection: sometimes a story with a message, sometimes a vignette about a famous person, sometimes an explanation of something from the Bible. A one-sentence prayer focuses on the meat of the story. Finally, there’s an action item, ranging from questions to spark conversation at the dinner table to prompts for works of mercy the family can do together.

Wonderful devotional geared toward families/kids!

I’m am so excited to start this book with my family on Ash Wednesday! It’s very hard to find a devotional that has stories the kids can really relate to. This booklet definitely has them! The author uses pop culture and current issues that will resonate with my kids. I love the WITH YOUR FAMILY section after each entry that has an actionable item, craft or idea to bring your faith to life and help you make positive changes within yourself and your family. I cannot wait to start!
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Lenten Family Faith Togetherness

I got the devotional to use with my family during Lent. I have been looking all over for a family friendly devotional for Lent. I LOVE this devotional because it is something that I can use with my whole family especially my three kids ages 9, 7, 5. I found a devotional that my whole family understands and is able to get something out of. Specifically I like that each day has a bible verse, a story my kids can relate to, a prayer, and a “with your family” section to do with your family to teach the lesson in a way that they can understand. I highly recommend this devotional to use to get your family praying together during Lent.

The author’s writing is superb!

I have been using this devotional for Lent and I am very impressed with the short but powerful lessons related to scripture. Wish I had this devotional when my adult children were young as the lessons are concise and relatable yet powerful. The author has done such a good job wrapping up each message with a prayer and an activity the family can do together. I will definitely be saving this to use year after year!!

Wonderful family guide

Finally a great way to discuss lent with my children. A usually difficult concept to grasp, this devotional brings relevant stories, scripture and practical do’s together in one. No more giving something up for lent, we now have Ms. McGarry’s wonderful guide. Highly recommend for families of faith and even those who question what it’s all about.

Preparing for Lent with Family

This booklet is perfect for families in the Lenten season. It is filled with interesting, easy to read stories and reflections. I love that it has ideas of things families can do together to bring them closer to Jesus during Lent.


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