Our Three Days

My priest asked me to write a spiritual communion reflection for our parishioners to meditate upon in place of the physical body and blood of Christ we’d receive during the Mass. I’m honored by his request, and by the opportunity to share my reflection here, with you.

“… but on the third day He will rise.” Luke 18:33

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Forced to keep our distance from others, the sacred Mass, and Holy Communion, we find ourselves united with the first disciples. They were forced to go without Jesus after He died on the cross. Instead, on that Good Friday and Holy Saturday, they hid themselves in the upper room, locked away in fear, trying to protect themselves from the Roman soldiers who could come for them at any minute.

Here we are now, locked away in self-isolation, in our own upper rooms. Yes, we should do what we can to protect ourselves. But we shouldn’t do so with fear. We have what the disciples didn’t during their three days: The proof and certainty that Easter always comes, no matter what. Regardless of how many times the story is told, Jesus always rises again, and He always will.

If fear is conquering us, we need to walk it up the hill to Calvary, and nail it to the foot of the cross. It’s there we’ll find what Jesus really wants us to carry: Trust in Him.

He also wants to give us Himself. Although we may not be able to physically receive Him in the form of the Eucharist this Easter Sunday, we can receive Him spiritually. The more we fill our hearts with Him, the less room there will be for any future anxiety or concern.

In doing so, we’ll also find ourselves firmly rooted in the Easter promise. No matter the details of the story we’re living out in our own proverbial three days, Jesus will roll back the stone of this cave of uncertainty. He will rise again. He will lift us up. He will carry us through.
Question for Reflection:

     * Do I have any fear that needs to be nailed to the cross?

     * Once my hands are empty of that fear, am I able to receive the trust in God that Jesus is offering me?

10 thoughts on “Our Three Days

  1. Beautifully put Claire! Thank you for your perspective…it gives comfort and hope during these most difficult days. A great reminder that we are not alone!


    • Thanks, Colleen! So glad to hear this reflection offers hope and comfort. Just like toilet paper, they seem to be in short supply these days. But the more we turn to Him, the more He fills us up with both. Like going to Him for mercy, the more we open ourselves, the more He can pour in. Here’s wishing you a deluge of both today, and throughout this crazy time!!! x0x0


  2. Dear Claire, on these, the holiest days in our church calendar, you’ve given us, thanks to our Pastor’s suggestion, a powerful way to use our confinement and prayer time … yes … to unite with the apostles locked in that upper room, to experience for sure their isolation and loneliness, but definitely not their fear or doubt, since we are each blessed with knowing and living the rest of the story, and can spend even more time during these days in deepest gratitude and love for what our loving Savior has done for each of us! I truly believe that during these sacred days, we can be in even deeper communion with one another as we lift our hearts to the Father for the privilege of experiencing genuine isolation in union with His suffering, knowing without a doubt, there IS a Resurrection. Blessing on you, Claire for your uplifting reflection here!


    • Thank you so much, Jackie!!! I look forward to the day when I can see you after Mass at St. Matthew and give you a real hug! Until then, know that my heart is with you and wishing you a most blessed and healthy Easter!


  3. I love the analogy of our isolation in comparison to the disciples three days without Jesus. The reminder that it is similar but how much better off we are with the knowledge that he already rose again. Lessens the fear of anything to come knowing we walk each day with Christ. Appreciate that perspective especially in such a fear filled time. Hope, faith and Love to your family this Blessed Easter!


    • Thanks so much, Liz! Aren’t we so lucky to know He has risen and will rise again? I have NO idea how the people who don’t believe in this, or in Him, are getting through this time. I’ve never been so grateful for my faith and my God! Easter blessings and good health to you and yours!


  4. Hey Claire, Thanks for this beautiful blog, Nicely written and a pack of inspiring writings – I am truly blessed to have you as my fellow blogger friends and sister. “The more we fill our hearts with Him, the less room there will be for any future anxiety or concern.” I like this sentence above. Please come and visit me I’d love to see you and your kind encouragement comment. You are beautiful. God bless you! Also i’ve seen your message late – Thanks for your input. See you there. Peace be with you


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