Video of How to Walk the Prayer Path

I’m thrilled to announce that the Prayer Path has finally dried up and is ready to be used. For those not familiar with the Prayer Path: This walking prayer is a wonderful way to shed stress and tension, while growing closer to God. Located in the woods beside the Parish Center of St. Matthews, at 2 Searles Road, Windham, NH, the Prayer Path is open to visitors of all faiths during the daylight hours.

Thank you to Brendon Ferguson of for the amazing videography in this “How to Walk the Prayer Path” video.

2 thoughts on “Video of How to Walk the Prayer Path

  1. Brendon’s video of the Prayer Path is excellent. It looks so peaceful. What a wonderful opportunity at this present time to get out and walk and pray in such inviting and safe surroundings! Looking forward to taking advantage of that blessing!!


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