Drifting Away

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They followed emptiness and became empty… 2 Kings 17:15

7.1.20 Drifting Away Pexels.com

Photo Courtesy of Pexels.com

During quarantine, I had to cut my own hair four times. Fortunately, I have a great stylist, and just followed the pattern she’d already created. Besides, my hair is short and wavy. All I had to do was add a little product, scrunch it to curl, and any unevenness just got mixed into the whole.

My hair actually looked pretty good, making me think I could permanently skip those $50 visits every six to eight weeks. There are so many other things I could spend that money on.

Unfortunately, everything changed after the fourth haircut.

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2 thoughts on “Drifting Away

  1. It takes a Claire McGary to draw forth a spiritual analogy from self-styling her hair (especially with scissors), diminishing gradually the professional stylist’s lovely pattern. I certainly can relate to that and plead Guilty as charged! And I couldn’t help being reminded from your hair pattern reflection how everything in God’s perfect universe is in pattern and harmony, and we are the ones who so often disrupt that harmony, that pattern of perfection God first created in us and which our first parents disrupted and spoiled for all of us by their selfish pride. But thank God we have a Savior, Who by living out on earth the perfect Pattern His Father requested of Him, taught each of us how, if we accept , to restore that pattern He created within us, even when we make mistakes over and over, taking the “scissors” of our life into our own hands instead of relying on Him to design that perfect pattern within us. Unlike the hour or so, however, in the beauty parlor chair to restore the pattern, the spiritual pattern restoration, as I’m sure we all realize, takes a lifetime!!!


    • Jackie, I just love how you view faith and the world! I hadn’t made the connection to the pattern God wove into everything, even the Garden of Eden that our “first parents” disrupted. It always amazes me how you can take a concept to the next level. I’m so grateful you do, and that you share it with us all!


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