Being His Hands and Feet

Does the ax raise itself above the person who swings it, or the saw boast against the one who uses it? Isaiah 10:15

7.17.20 Being His Hands and Feet

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Needing a place protected from the rain, with good air flow, I decided our garage, with the doors open, is the perfect COVID-19 hangout. If, however, your garage looks anything like mine did, you’d know it wasn’t the most sightly place to spend time. I decided to give it a DIY make-over, and used a lot of hand and power-tools in the process.

We all talk about being God’s hands and feet on earth. It’s a wonderful expression, and a beautiful concept, one that hopefully inspires us all to let God use us to make the world a better place. Yet, it wasn’t until I reflected more while using my hand and power-tools that I understood the concept in the reverse.

If I put a screwdriver to a screw, and left it up to the screwdriver to turn on its own, I’d still be up on a ladder, in my garage, waiting for that to happen. Of course, it’s necessary for me to use my strength and force to turn that screwdriver, or at the very least, pull the trigger on the battery powered one. None of us possess tools that work by themselves.

We’re like construction tools. We should never work by ourselves. We should rely on God’s strength and force to power us, letting Him use us for what we were created to do.

Moreover, we’re not the ones responsible for our own gifts and talents, nor should we take credit for them. My screwdriver isn’t patting itself on the back for the screws that are now sunk into my garage walls.

In order to really be God’s hands and feet, we have to allow Him to use us in the way He sees fit. Each and every day, God is giving the world a make-over. It’s pretty exciting to think about being one of the tools in His hand, playing our part in the “Before and After” photos in His album of the world.

Questions for Reflection:

     * Do I allow God to use me for His purposes?

Before Photos:



After Photos:

2 thoughts on “Being His Hands and Feet

  1. Delightful reflection, Claire, and such clear teaching on what it means to be God’s Hands and Feet, with effective reminders, using your tools and your garage prep to remind us that God is the One Who “turns the screwdriver” daily . . . allowing those talents we’ve each been given so lovingly by Him to fulfill His purpose when He entrusted them to us. I loved this reflection and so enjoyed the before and after photos of your garage, a tangible image of our spiritual restoration when God is at the helm of our service to Him.


    • LOVE the correlation you made, Jackie, between my garage make-over and God’s spiritual restoration of us. You always add so much more to my reflections. Thank you for that!


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