The Light of Life

They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. Revelation 22:5b

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It’s that time of year when we’re all untangling Christmas lights to string on the Christmas tree, mantel, and bushes outside. As darkness descends so early each day, it’s the twinkle of those lights that give us hope, joy, and a little bit of magic.

We could all use a little bit of magic right now. As 2020 draws to a close, we long for the restrictions, fear, doom and gloom to be lifted. For those who believe, we are guaranteed that something wonderful is coming.

Revelation 22:5b talks about the Second Coming of Christ. Verse 4 even says we will see His face. And when we do, there will no longer be a need for twinkle lights, a lamp, or even the sun. God will give us so much light, it will illuminate the world.

Although the Second Coming hasn’t happened yet, the First most certainly has. And that’s what we wait for this Advent. Rather than sitting around, waiting for the pandemic to end, let’s switch our focus to something life giving: The coming of the Christ Child on Christmas morning. It was His birth, long ago, that pierced the darkness, and it will again if we open our hearts to Him.

It’s not about the decorations, baking, gifts, or social gatherings we may have to miss, it’s about the transformation of dark to light within ourselves. Pandemics, restrictions, fear, and anxiety have no place in a waiting heart.

Instead, we need to fill our hearts will holy anticipation. Very soon, all those little twinkles of light will be gathered into the greatest gift ever given: Our Savior, the brightest light of all.

Question for Reflection:

  • What do I want my focus to be on this Advent season?

As the Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close, please know how grateful I am for each and every one of you! Knowing you’re there, reading and commenting, is an immense blessing to me. With Advent beginning tomorrow, I pray you all await His coming with holy anticipation and profound joy!

Advent isn’t about the decorations, baking, or gifts, it’s about the transformation of dark to light within ourselves.

4 thoughts on “The Light of Life

  1. It was His birth, long ago, that pierced the darkness, and will continue to do so if we open our hearts to Him. What a reminder to each of us of where that Light came from, a Light that truly pierced the darkness. That dark cave in Bethlehem, was truly suffused with Heavenly Light when Mary gave birth to our Savior, a Light that is always with us, as you so beautifully remind us, if we look toward it and not the darkness of the pandemic. How comforting is that! In 1984, my sister Jean and I, in our pilgrimage to Israel and the Greek isles to the places St. Paul preached, had the unique privilege of actually visiting what tradition says is the actual cave where Jesus was born. There is a huge church there as well, with many pilgrims like ourselves praying and giving thanks for the privilege of visiting such a sacred place. How could I not focus on the LIGHT at this time, and also bless you, dear Claire, for your beautiful reminder here to remain within it!!!


    • Wow, Jackie! What an amazing experience – to visit the actual place of Jesus’ birth. Fr. Brian’s whole sermon today was about caves. It’s so beautiful that you tied your experience, my blog and his sermon all together with the idea of His bright light filling the darkness of that cave. Just magical!


  2. By asking the Holy Spirit to soften our “hard heARTS” , WE WILL BE OPEN TO THE RADIANT LIGHT OF CHRIST TO ENTER OUR BEING AND TRANSFORM US. I too visited the Holy Land and Greece , and it was very moving and inspirational. Walking the Via Dolorosa reminds me of our individual journeys all end in our passing and rebirth.


    • Such a beautiful thought, Lorraine, that each of our journeys “end in our passing and rebirth.” It feels like each Advent we’re given that opportunity: to let go of the past and start anew with His birth. Thanks so much for your profound input!


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