Refilling Our Well

“Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” Mark 6:31

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Not having access to public water in our area, our home relies on our private well. If you’re lucky enough to be the first one in the shower in the morning, the water pressure is great. The well is full, making the spray forceful and strong. But as the day goes on, and I run the washing machine and dishwasher, so many things are drawing from the same source, the pressure loses strength.

Our hope and energy levels are no different.

After a good night’s sleep, I wake up ready to conquer the world. Throw in a few cups of morning coffee, and I’m clear-headed, energized, and ready to tackle anything.

But as the days goes on, I lose steam. What seemed doable in the morning can seem insurmountable by late afternoon. Too many things vie for my attention, leaving me drained.

That’s why rest is so critical. Of course we can’t drop everything in the middle of the day and take a nap (oh to dream…). But we can carve out five minutes or so to pause, rest in God, and be refilled. Be it a simple conversation with Him, spending time in His Word, or just sitting in silence with Him, the reward far outweighs the effort.

We weren’t created to be the Energizer Bunny. In fact, we were made with limits so we’d be inspired to lean on God to overcome them. When we do, He restores our energy, and refills our well of hope. The end result is the restoration of our very soul.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Do I ever pause during the day to be refilled by God?
  • How would I describe the results of doing so?

We were made with limits so we’d be inspired to lean on God to overcome them.

4 thoughts on “Refilling Our Well

  1. Love it, Claire. Corey and I just had the same conversation. It’s wonderful to leave this world for a few minutes every day and be elevated to the spirit world with Jesus and or Holy Mary. May God continue to bless and inspire you 🙂


  2. Once again, Claire, you’ve described a need as vital as our daily food in each of us who want to give our best each new day to fulfill God’s plan … right up until the time we’re ready to sleep … that need being to spend even a short time each morning if that’s possible in the Presence of our Loving God .Doing so, we can surely count on Him to faithfully guide us and energize us for the whole day with His Living Water, that never fails to keep us spiritually energized.


    • Your point that God will faithfully guide us and energize us is wonderful inspiration to turn to Him and spend time with Him. Thanks for always adding such poignant points, Jackie. Your insight is always a gift! Thank you for sharing it.


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