The Real Heart of the Story

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By their fruit you will recognize them. Matthew 7:16a

Helmut Kleinicke was a German officer in World War II. He was in charge of construction in Chrzanow, Upper Silesia, just twelve miles from Auschwitz. It wasn’t until forty years after his death in 1979 that it came to light he was, in fact, a hero.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Heart of the Story

  1. And Claire, even if people don’t have the opportunity “to turn the pages of our lives and read what we have actually done” all that matters is that our Loving Father sees within the depths of our heart and knows our desire and daily prayer, that His Love deep within us is the same Love we demonstrate outwardly to those He sends into our lives.


    • Oh what an amazing point, Jackie! All that matters is what God sees and reads of our lives. I love that you’re always there to remind me of what is most important. Thank you for being His messenger and for dong it so well!


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