A Whole Other World

Now if I have found favor in your sight, show me your ways, so that I may know you… Exodus 33:13

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Have you experienced your kids being so engaged in something they don’t even register your presence? We can tell them eight times over that dinner is ready and they still don’t hear us.

For my kids it’s video games that transport them to another place and time. It’s as if they’re in a different world, with this one dropping away.

We may get frustrated by it, annoyed that we’re overlooked and ignored, but we can actually learn a thing or two from them.

The Bible and prayer are meant to be our portal to another place and time. We’re supposed to immerse ourselves so deeply, this world and its cares and chaos drop away.

Whether we imagine ourselves as a bystander in a Gospel story, or the main person Jesus interacts with, when we buy in completely and heighten our senses, we can feel the desert sand under our feet, smell the fish the disciples pull into the boat, tastes the bread Jesus breaks and shares, see the glimmer in His eyes and hear His words in our hearts. If we could let ourselves be that engaged, it wouldn’t matter if our kids were chattering in the background or the construction workers were hammering next door.

Imagine walking so closely with Jesus we literally feel His presence? It is possible. I’ve felt and experienced glimmers of it and it is glorious! We just have to let go of what’s holding us back, become like our kids, and dive in with all we’ve got.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What do my kids get so engaged in that the rest of the world drops away?
  • Could I copy their behavior and do the same with prayer?

6 thoughts on “A Whole Other World

  1. Through your children’s seemingly unawareness of your presence at times, you’ve hit on a major challenge each of us face, who long to experience God’s Presence within us every moment of our day, whether we have children or not. Just that promise alone in Psalm 27(1) “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, Whom Shall I Fear? The Lord is the Stronghold of my life, of whom should I be afraid?” If we could just imprint that promise deep into our spirit, and call it forth often throughout our day when we don’t feel His Presence, how reassuring and almost tangible our awareness of His faithful Presence within us would become, to see us confidently though any challenge we’re facing at any given moment of every day!

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    • Beautifully said, Jackie! I only wish I escaped to Him as often as my kids escape into their video games. But your point of imprinting His promise deep within resonates and reminds me to do the same so He becomes my touchstone and my constant.


  2. Stopping by today to have a little piece of you Claire- miss you and cherish your words- thank you for being a beacon of light.


    • Oh Holly, such a sweet message to wake up to! So grateful you stopped by and so deeply humbled by your words. Thank you! Sending lots of love and blessings your way!


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