When Jesus Stays Silent

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Jesus did not answer a word. Matthew 15:23

Photo Courtesy of Pexels.com

When a mother approaches Jesus in sheer anguish, begging Him to heal her demon possessed child, Jesus doesn’t utter a word.

Someone more timid could have read His lack of a response as a rejection. Admitting defeat, she might have turned around and left. But not this mother. She views Jesus’ silence as Him listening. She also sees it as an open door to walk through. Not only does she walk through that door, but she gets close to Jesus, drops to her knees, and pleads for His help.

What happens next is a conversation between the woman and Jesus – a back and forth that challenges the woman to further advocate for what she needs, and further clarify for herself how Jesus is the only answer. The entire process galvanizes her faith, cementing it so solid, Jesus grants her request because of her faith.

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4 thoughts on “When Jesus Stays Silent

  1. Havve you ever read Taylor Caldwell’s book, The Listener? This post reminds me of that wonderful book that tells you God IS listening. Beautiful post as usual. Thank you, Claire!


  2. Once again you remind us, Claire, to “hang on to Jesus” when seemingly He’s silent about answering a request. As we get to truly know Him, we notice this often regular silence of His before we get our answer, which may not be what we want but an answer of Love from Him Who never stops loving us and providing only what He knows is for our best!!! More than often though, when we patiently wait and trust, His answer is exactly what we requested!


    • So very true Jackie! And I love your quote of hanging on to Jesus. It’s by doing that that we stay the course long enough to recognize He is listening – and does always respond.


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