It’s the Desire That Counts

I desire to do Your will, my God. Psalm 40:8

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When it’s not frustrating raising teens, it’s fascinating! Watching them stumble through the ups and downs of growing up is more riveting than TV. Like they say about a good movie: “I laugh. I cry. I’m moved!”

But nothing moves me more than when my kids want to do better.

Note that I didn’t write “do” better. If I hung my hat on the few times my kids actually did succeed in overcoming their shortcomings, I’d be so dejected, I’d give up motherhood altogether. No. I wrote “want” to do better.

Honestly, all I need to see is their desire to try. I’m realistic enough to know the downside of being human. Wanting to do better means they’re going to keep on trying, getting better and better with each attempt. That fills me with immense hope.

I believe God feels the same way about us. Psalm 40:8 doesn’t say, “I do your will.” It says, “I desire to do your will.” God is perfectly realistic, and knows the toll original sin takes on us – weakening our resolve, tempting us off course.

But every time we get back up after a failure and try again, I think He smiles with pride. It’s that desire He asks of us, not perfection.

Questions for Reflection:

  • In what areas do I see my kids wanting to do better?
  • In what ways do I want to do better?

It’s the desire to do better that God asks of us, not perfection. #shiftingmyperspective

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