Laundry Lessons

You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. Isaiah 25:4

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Jocelyn has more clothes than you can imagine. Refusing to wear anything more than once before washing it, her laundry hamper is always filled to overflowing. I decided it was time to teach her to do her own laundry. In the process, I introduced her to laundry bags for delicates.

The bags we have are netted with zippers. Not only do they protect whatever goes inside during the wash cycle, but they remind us that the items inside need to be line-dried after. Otherwise, the high heat of the dryer will shrink the garments and they’ll no longer fit.

God is my netted bag for whatever is delicate in my life. When someone I know is in distress, or I’m struggling with something that’s close to my heart, I wrap us up in Him. Placing us in His loving care ensures we’re spiritually protected. Zipped up in His grace, our hope doesn’t run the risk of shrinking in the face of the trials before us, even when the heat is turned up.

As I demonstrated to Jocelyn how quick it is to use the delicate bags when she does her laundry, she agreed that the process was worth it to protect the clothes she loves. It takes even less time to ask God to enfold those I love so He protects them with grace and care.

Question for Reflection:

  • Do I turn to God to protect what matters to me?

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