Earthly Arms

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors…     2 Corinthians 5:20
2015 January 017

This icon called “Security” by David Bowman sits on Jocelyn’s book shelf. For more information about the author, and to purchase his art, visit

     It’s hard to know sometimes why my kids think what they do.  Sometimes I can link their thoughts to past or recent happenings.  Sometimes I simply have no clue.  That was the case on the day when, for no apparent reason, my four-year-old daughter Jocelyn started crying in the car on the way down our hill.
     After pulling into the garage, I went around to her seat to ask her what was wrong.  She completely blew me away when she said, “Sometimes I just want God to hug me, but I can’t feel Him”  I was speechless as I unbuckled her, pulled her into my arms, and hugged her as deeply as I could.

     She clung to my neck and squeezed so tight, time seemed to stand still.  An intense feeling of wonder and love washed over us.  In it, I felt a peace so deep it seemed to alter the air around us.  For the first time in my life, I felt God so tangibly that I swear I felt His arms wrapped around me through my daughter.  At the same time, I could feel God hugging her through me.  I have had a lot of peak experiences in my life, but I have to say that that moment, amidst the clutter and mess of my garage, topped them all!
     I’ve known all along that my job is to teach my children about God, Jesus, and their love for them.  But I had no idea that with motherhood came the honor of being Christ’s actual and tangible ambassador on earth for my kids, and that they, in turn, would become mine.  Of all the gifts that motherhood brings, without a doubt, this gift is the greatest of them all!
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14 thoughts on “Earthly Arms

  1. Claire,

    What a beautiful post, it’s a great reminder for those days you feel like a short order cook, chauffeur, maid etc. Lol
    Thank you! Karen


    • That’s exactly how I felt living this,Jean, “WOW!” What a gift that moment was, and what a gift it was to have it taught to me through my little angel Jocelyn! Jocelyn also has a plaque hanging in her room that says, “Lucky, Lucky Me.” That also describes how I feel – “Lucky, Lucky Me!”


  2. Love it…one of those stories that leaves a lump in my throat! You know God is there but how wonderful to have one of those experiences where he is tangible. How wonderful that the two of you shared such a deep moment 🙂


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