Holy Anticipation

He called a child over, placed it in their midst, and said, “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:2-3

5.31.18 with word overlayJocelyn received her First Holy Communion a few weeks ago. Although I do my best to make sure my kids behave appropriately in church, she’s been acting out ever since. But it’s not how you’d think.

Right before Communion, Jocelyn starts bouncing up and down in her seat, literally. It’s as if she’s swallowed a Mexican jumping bean and can’t sit still. Despite being a stern mom in church, I just can’t bring myself to stop her.

I know all that energy is a result of her soul dancing inside her. She has waited so long to be able to receive the Eucharist. For years, she’s watched all the parishioners walk down the aisle, and open their hands, mouths and hearts to receive Communion. Whereas, she’s had to cross her arms as a signal that she wasn’t of age and couldn’t receive yet. We all looked at her crossed arms as a sweet way to get a blessing. I think she saw her crossed arms as a barrier keeping her from communion with the congregation, and God.

Now that’s all a thing of the past. She’s in the big leagues now; and she’s elated. Sure, part of it is becoming one with the community and doing what everyone else does. Most of it is getting to receive the Eucharist and all its graces. She has that child’s heart that Jesus talked about in Matthew 18, and she’s beyond delighted to receive His gift each week.

I think God is just as delighted. I think the reason He had Jesus talk about the importance of having a child’s heart is because He has a child’s heart too. He’s been waiting for Jocelyn to receive her First Holy Communion with far more anticipation than she ever had. And now, when He looks down on her each Sunday, I think the elation He feels has Him bouncing up and down on His Heavenly throne too.

Question for Reflection:

     * Does my soul dance with excitement when I receive Communion?

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18 thoughts on “Holy Anticipation

  1. Wow! Reading this makes me realize how much I have come to take receiving Christ in the Eucharist for granted. So happy for Jocelyn! Congratulations!


  2. That is so sweet. I have noticed that same change in Dimitri. He told me today that what he thinks Yaya is most proud of him for is making his First Holy Communion. He knows she saw him from heaven. He is so excited to be part of God’s community and be filled with the Holy Spirit. 🙂


  3. Beautiful, Claire! So simple but so true. It brought tears to my eyes. I hear so many say what they do or don’t get out of going to Mass. I always ask what they think God gets out of them being there. Stumps them every time! Imagine, we all have the power to make God smile!!!
    I’ll bet He chuckles when He sees Jocelyn anticipating Holy Communion!
    God bless you, Jocelyn. You make God’s heart sing!


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