Calling On The Warrior

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control…”          2 Peter 1:5-6

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBathing suit season is here, and I am not ready! In January 2015, I was scared onto the straight and narrow path by my doctor. I exercised, ate right, and by default, lost weight. By that summer, I felt like a million bucks – especially when my blood work came back and all my health issues were under control.

So I celebrated by diving head first into a family sized bag of Smartfood popcorn, with a side of Veggie Chips for good measure. Of all the junk food options out there, they’re on the healthier side, right? At least that was my rationale. Not worried about my health anymore, I haven’t stopped this celebratory eating for twelve months straight.

Needless to say, I’ve gained back all that weight, and then some. I thought I possessed self-control. Turns out I only do when I fear for my health. Although I don’t want another health scare, I do miss that self-control.

I run retreats for moms where I talk about the power and help of the Holy Spirit. He’s always there to help us with whatever we need. In the words of my spiritual director, “We write the lesson plan, and He helps us execute it.” He can help us with the desire to pray, finding the time and space to pray, giving us the right words in prayer and in confrontation, staying calm in the midst of the chaos, etc., etc. There is no limit to how He can help us.

I am one of those people who learns by teaching. Sometimes I don’t ingest something until I have to help someone else understand it. Searching for the best way to present an issue forces me to spend time with it, chew on it, look at it from different perspectives, and then find a way to present it that is relatable and concrete. It also forces me to admit that, most times, I struggle with the same issue myself.

Although it’s obvious, I have to admit to myself that I have a binge snack eating problem. It isn’t to a clinical degree, but it is at the stage where I can’t seem to get a handle on it. In my small minded way, I thought it was all up to me to solve it. But in giving the retreat where I talk about the Holy Spirit always wanting to help us with anything and everything, I realize now that even in this issue, I have a warrior on my side who is ready and willing to battle with me, if I just ask.

First I have to get to that place where I truly want to change. I LOVE my Smartfood and Veggie Chips, and I have SO enjoyed inhaling them with abandon for a year. Without a doubt, I am going to miss that.

But my health, and, more importantly, my desire to maintain balance and control, finally outweigh that. So you can call Market Basket grocery store and let them know that they don’t need to stock extra cases of my snacks anymore. I am calling on the Holy Spirit who WILL help me fight my way back to moderation.

Questions For Reflection:

     * What issue/battle in my life am I losing on my own?

     * Have I thought to ask/pray for the Holy Spirit to battle with me?


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2 thoughts on “Calling On The Warrior

  1. Claire,

    Thanks so much for your post! This is something I struggle with too, especially since having my (not so) little one and it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one. I was thinking about this earlier today: I try to control every aspect of my life EXCEPT my eating habits. It’s actually kind of bizarre. But you reminded me that it’s okay to ask for help, so I’ll be working alongside you to drive the other way to the highway instead of stopping at the ice cream stand.


    • Thanks for your comment Kristin. Your words about trying to control everything in life but your eating habits really resonated with me. I’m exactly like you. Maybe if I stop trying to control the things I shouldn’t, I’d have more energy for maintaining the control on my eating habits. Thanks so much for this new perspective. 🙂


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