Holding My Kids Close

There is an appointed time for everything,… a time to embrace…   Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 5

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe school year is jam packed for us with band practice, karate, track, Drama Club, dance, floor hockey, Game Club, CCD, Daisy Girl Scouts, etc. I may be the one driving and picking up for it all, but I don’t participate in any of it. That is hours and hours of the week that I am not in the company of my kids. The only time I get to spend with them is during homework, where I am constantly riding them to stay focused, or at dinner, where I am pushing them to eat faster so we can get to the next activity. How sad is that?

So when summer comes, I get so excited, I plan all these great adventures where we can be together. Then I invite my kids’ friends to come along. It’s completely counterproductive: when their friends are there, my kids choose to talk to them, over me, every time. I can’t blame them: when the moms come along, I talk with the moms more than my own kids every time too.

So I decided I wanted last Wednesday to be different.

I got a library pass for the Stone Zoo for the day, and purposefully didn’t invite anyone to come along. It was just my three kids and me. Sometimes wishes do come true!

There was no one else’s schedule to conform to, or needs to meet. I also made the decision to step down and let my kids do it their way. I can’t tell you the last time I let my kids call the shots, go at their own pace, not correct them, and just let them be them. The results were magical! The unspoken freedom had everyone relaxed, getting along, grateful, and happy.

I know we’ll all be sick of each other by summer’s end. Come September, we’ll all be thrilled to go our own ways. But after a long year of “have to’s” and separation, I am holding my kids close, reveling in their company.

Questions For Reflection:

     * Is there enough time during the school year to connect with my kids?

     * How can I capitalize on the summer to ensure there is plenty of time for quality connection with them?   


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5 thoughts on “Holding My Kids Close

  1. Good for you, Claire, and great for your kids!! I’m sure they enjoyed having only you all to themselves as much as you enjoyed that special and private time for them. Hope you will have many more days like that!! Love and hugs for you all!!


  2. Im in a job training program mon-fri and I have been so focused on that that I havent even congratulated my daughter for passing grade 2. So tomorrow,Im ditching “school” and giving my baby girl the proper “Mommy is proud” she deserves, a trip to an amusement park,just her and I.


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