What We Take For Granted

Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God. Remember that nothing is certain in this life.     Ecclesiastes 7:14 (NLT)


Claire's Blog 013A blizzard was predicted for this past Tuesday. That meant high winds, with the likelihood of losing power. Having a house well, powered by electricity, meant a possible loss of running water too.

Having that advanced notice had me prioritizing Tuesday differently. It became all about filling the bathtub, running the dishwasher, doing a load of laundry, having everyone shower in the morning instead of at night, etc. It really showed me just how much we rely on electricity and running water, two things I forget to appreciate until they’re gone

It also made me realize what else I take for granted.

Better said, it made me realize Who I take for granted: God. Knowing He is there 24/7, ready and willing to listen to me, no matter what, has me postponing quality prayer time.

Yes, I try to weave prayer throughout my day, talking to Him while folding laundry or scrubbing a toilet bowl. Yet when it comes to spending quality time in meditative prayer, I’m great at coming up with excuses. There’s always a reason why I don’t have time to just sit in His presence, listening to Him, instead of always being the one talking. I justify it by thinking, I’ll do it later. There’s always tomorrow.

But what if God weren’t available 24/7? What if, like the predicted power outage, God were only available for a few hours in the morning? Or a few hours at night? Or by appointment only? Would that have me prioritizing things differently? Would that help me to realize, like electricity and water, just how much I depend on Him? Would I discover how different and difficult my life would be without Him? Would that realization help me to appreciate Him more?

As it turns out, we never lost power in the storm. But thinking we could, at any minute, had me SO grateful. All day long I had such a renewed appreciation when I flicked a switch and got power, or when I turned the tap and water came out. Countless people couldn’t say that on Tuesday. Countless more can’t say that at all.

Although I am certain that God will always be there for me, whenever, however, thinking the wacky thought that He may not be has me bowed low in appreciation for Him. Although there’s no storm that can disconnect Him from me, the more I take Him for granted, the less I invest myself, and the further away I feel.

It’s time to prioritize Him. I need to carve out that quality prayer time whenever possible, all excuses aside. That’s how I’ll strengthen my connection to Him, and feel His power surge through my life.

Questions For Reflection:

     * Do I take electricity and running water for granted?

    * How can I go about being more mindful and appreciate of both?

     * Do I take God for granted?

2 thoughts on “What We Take For Granted

    • Age definitely helps, Mom. Especially when wisdom is added to the mix. Although you are so young in spirit, you are definitely filled to the brim in wisdom. 🙂


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