Being Chosen

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2013 July 143

Zack when he was chosen in 2013.

Every summer I take my three kids to see BJ Hickman The Magician at a local performance center. It’s very special for me because it’s one of the few summer adventures where it is just the four of us. Even though we’ve seen almost every trick BJ performs, I look forward to it every year.

He calls up a different child from the audience to be his assistant for almost  every trick he does. Years ago, he chose my oldest son Zack. BJ magically attached spoons all over Zack’s arms and face. It was an incredible thrill for him.

Although Mason tried to be happy for his brother, he was oozing with jealousy and disappointment because he wasn’t the one chosen. When we went the following year, I hoped and prayed that Mason would get picked. No such luck.

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