Determining Our Priorities

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9 6 17 with word overlayDuring the summer, I found that magical place where people and relaxation mattered more than paper and to-do lists. Like Psalm 24:3-4 says, it felt like I did go up to the mountain of the Lord, and spent time in His holy place. I rested. I relaxed. I rejuvenated. I reconnected with my kids. It was heavenly!

I really wanted to slowly rev up, gently step back into the school year. I wanted to keep that same sense of peace I had discovered while relaxing on my back deck.

Instead, one day I was reading my Bible on comfy furniture out in the fresh air, the next I was driving around like a crazy lady taking my kids to the dentist and multiple schools to meet their new teachers. The teacher “meet and greet” was so utterly chaotic, one frazzled mom actually rear ended my minivan in the mania of it all.

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2 thoughts on “Determining Our Priorities

  1. What a wonderful reminder, Claire! So timely for me. We’re shifting back into the school year, both for our children and myself (I’m a teaching professor), so we’ve revved up from a slow pace to a full sprint. I needed this encouragement today — thank you!


  2. It does feel like sprinting, doesn’t it? What’s adding even more chaos is the start of sports and after-school activities; and my kids aren’t even as involved as most of their piers. Although I do love how independent my kids are now that they’re older, I miss life when they were little and there was nowhere we really had to be at any certain time. Here’s wishing you lots of peace and calm during your transition time. Thanks so much for commenting!


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