Persistence Pays Off

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Despite enrolling my son in just about every sport, club, and after-school activity I could find over the years, Zack just wasn’t interested in any of them. I began to worry. I didn’t want him just hanging around watching TV and playing video games. I desperately wanted to help him discover his passion so he could feel challenged and a part of something. Just like every other parent out there, I wanted him reaching his full potential.

When he was younger, I would sign him up for things, take him, and force him to participate. But as the years went by, and he developed a mind of his own, it got more challenging. That’s when the arguments started: me demanding he get involved in something, him putting his foot down and refusing.

It was wearing me down. It didn’t seem worth it anymore: throwing money out the window in enrollment fees, wasting time and energy dragging him around, the headaches from arguing and worrying, and most of all, Zack being miserable and distancing himself. It all seemed counterproductive. I was ready to play it Zack’s way and give up.

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