Relentless Love

… be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching.  2 Timothy 4:2


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When my MOSAIC Moms Group meets every month, we report back on the progress we made on the “One Small Goal” we set for ourselves the month before. The supportive accountability is supposed to inspire us. Sadly, even that hasn’t helped me achieve any of my goals lately.

Consequently, I was bound and determined to make progress on this month’s goal: Relentless Love. No matter what my kids did, I wanted to be like God and love them through it, no matter what, relentlessly, indefatigably.

I was actually making headway until I lost it with Zack last Thursday.

When Zack broke a promise to me that we’ve been working on for weeks, I blew my top! I felt like a cartoon character as my ears turned red while I screamed and yelled. Then I slammed the bedroom door so hard, the house literally shook.

I knew I had to cool off in order to find any rational thought. So, as I cooked dinner, I prayed and prayed for help. I REALLY wanted to act relentlessly loving toward Zack through this situation, but I was so angry, I was struggling.

Then, suddenly, like a fierce rain that washes all that pollen off our back decks, my anger was swept away. In its place came calm and crystal clear thinking. Immediately, I knew I had the correct response that was both appropriate and loving.

I was so excited, I left dinner to overcook on the stove while I went to talk with Zack. I laid out my response, and he maturely accepted the terms. We ended with a hug. It was amazing!

As we all ate dinner together after, I apologized to Mason and Jocelyn for my outburst. I went on to tell them how I had corrected my mistake. When I got to the part where I was praying for help, Mason interrupted and said, “I was praying REALLY hard too!” His statement stopped me in my tracks. It all suddenly made sense.

Yes, I was praying for help, but my prayers were only half sincere. I still wanted to ring Zack’s neck. That anger was getting in my way.

It was Mason’s prayers that changed everything. He knew two people he loved were hurting. He wielded the power of prayer on our behalf. Through his own relentless love, he petitioned God for the grace to wash me clean. How lucky am I?

I can’t wait to report back to my group. I’ll finally be able to say I hit my goal. But when it comes to explaining how, I’ll be sure to highlight the fact that Mason is the one who deserves the credit for my success.

Questions for Reflection:

     * Do I have “One Small Goal” I want to achieve this month?

     * Can I ask my kids to help me achieve it by praying for it on my behalf?

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8 thoughts on “Relentless Love

  1. We all (moms) have those moments and then the guilt of how we exploded takes over. But we are human. I realized the other day, as long as I’m alive on earth, I will have human reactions and not always get it right. I can’t let the guilt overpower me. Praying and continuously working through it with our kids, is all we can do. Great job, Claire!


    • Amen to that, Sandra! Although I do get discouraged when I don’t keep my cool, I do have to remember I am human. Just like I tell my kids that all I can ask is they keep trying, I need to, and will do the same. Thanks so much reading and commenting!


  2. God bless Mason, as he has shown so often, he is loving and wants those he loves to be loving to each other. Prayer is powerful, but I think God is especially attuned to kids’ prayers!!
    We are all very human and as many times as we fail in whatever, that we keep trying is the key. xoxo


  3. Thanks so much for your candor Claire. We’ve all been there and what you’ve offered is a concrete yet heart-based solution on how to handle the situation. It must be nice to know that your kids are the same path.


    • Thanks, Laura! I can’t tell you how great it feels to know my kids are praying for me. Like my mom said, I think God is especially attuned to their little voice. 🙂


  4. Mason is such a sweet, sensitive boy. I’m not surprised to hear that he was praying REALLY hard. You deserve credit for that too… set such a good example of loving and living in faith for your kids. So amazing that God answered Mason’s prayers and guided you and Zack to a peaceful resolution!


    • Awww thanks, Pam! I have tried to lead my kids in being faithful, but I have to admit, Mason was just born with that sweet, sensitive soul. And it continues to bless me always.


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