Storing Up

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The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful. James 5:16

7.4.18 Storing Up

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My friend, Jess, gave me twinkle lights for my back deck for my birthday. She knows that’s my summer sanctuary. She wanted to add to its serenity.

The cool thing about the lights is: They’re solar powered. The only effort I had to invest was to wrap them around the deck posts, and then stake the little solar panel in a sunny spot.

As we sat having drinks with our neighbors that evening, the most magical thing happened: As night started to fall, surrounding us in darkness, those little bulbs started to glow, transforming the dark with little twinkles of light. Right when we would have had to end our time in my oasis, we were wrapped in just enough light to continue on.

It got me thinking… My mom is an awful lot like those twinkle lights.

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2 thoughts on “Storing Up

  1. I tried to post 3 times on Catholic Mom….maybe they will show up later? I’m on my phone, so I may be doing it wrong. What I wanted to say was…..this was a beautiful post about a beautiful person. Your mom is an inspiration to us all!!


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