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If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.  1 John 1:9

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“You got us a rabbit?” Mason shrieked with joy.

“Yup!” Dad said. “And he’s going to live in the house, not out back in a cage.”

“Really?” Zack jumped up and down. “That’s so cool!”

“Check out the bathroom,” Mom said. “I put his cage in there, and a litter tray. I read online how we can train him to only go in the litter box, like a cat. That’s why I agreed to this.”

The three kids ran into the bathroom to check out the rabbit’s new digs. “He’s so cute and fluffy,” Jocelyn said as she came out holding the rabbit. “Can we call him Oreo? He looks like a cookie with his black fur and white flecks.”

“Fine with me,” Zack said, and everyone else agreed.

It didn’t take long for Oreo to get accustomed to using the litter box. Once Mom was sure he was fully trained, Oreo was allowed to explore more and more of the house. Soon enough, he had complete freedom to roam the whole first floor. Until a few weeks later…

“Oreo just had an accident on the couch!” Jocelyn yelled, grabbing the rabbit and running him to his litter box.

“Dumb rabbit,” Mason said, heartbroken. “Now we’re going to have to get
rid of him.”

“No, we’re not,” Dad said. “He’s a rabbit. He was created to live outdoors.
We’re not going to give him away just because he was doing what rabbits
do. We’ll just have to restrict where he can go in the house from now on.”

“We’re not going to get rid of him just because he made a mistake,”
Mom added. “He’s our rabbit, and we’re going to keep helping him
learn to use the litter box. You know, we aren’t perfect either. We make
mistakes, and we sin. But Jesus won’t abandon us when we mess up. He’ll
always love us and help us walk in His light. When we admit our sins to
Him, He forgives us.”

Mason went and got Oreo. “I’m sorry I said you were dumb,” he said,
hugging the furry bunny. “You’re part of our family now, and I’ll love you
forever, no matter what!”


1 JOHN 1:9 (NIV)

Do you ever worry that Jesus won’t love you anymore if you sin? That will never
happen. We all make mistakes and do sinful things, but Jesus will always love us
and forgive us. We’re part of His family, and He won’t ever abandon us. Trust Him
to forgive you when you sin and to teach you to walk in His light.

Click here to visit Keys for Kids Ministries where they post a daily reflection for kids that you can either read or listen to together as a family!

4 thoughts on “My Devotion on Keys for Kids

  1. So touching to read about your new addition to the family, your unusual magnanimity in allowing OREO to live in your house . . . our family’s welcome mat indoors was for dogs or stray cats, period . . . Oreo’s mistake, Mason’s first impulsive unkind reaction: Dumb rabbit! and the inspiring lesson both you and you your husband taught Mason … Mason’s loving apology to Oreo. Yes, indeed, I’ve always held the truth and taught it to my junior classes, that the way we treat animals, pets, and the whole animal kingdom, including precious birds, says much about our character in general. There is no better way for children to learn selflessness than to grow up with a pet animal, not treating that animal as a toy that they can put away when they’re tired playing with
    it, but learning daily responsibility toward feeding it, showing true love and compassion for the pet’s needs. And oh yes, Claire, what a parallel to the faithful love and forgiveness JESUS pours out to each of us when we so often make mistakes, both big ones and small. Blessings on you for sharing this uplifting, as well as humorous experience, and for your patience and understanding of OREO! With such love and patience, he will evolve, as will your lovely children, and Oreo will learn, for sure, to use the litter box.


    • Thank you for such a thoughtful response to my reflection, Jackie! I love how you pointed out what kids learn from having pets. I don’t think I realized the true value of having Oreo with us until I read your explanation. Thank you for sharing that!


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