Boat Time with Jesus

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People were coming and going in great numbers, and they had no opportunity to eat. So they went off in the boat by themselves to a deserted place. People saw them leaving and many came to know about it. They hastened there on foot from all the towns and arrived at the place before them.     (Mark 6:32-33)

3.6.19 Boat Time with Jesus

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When I had to get a job last November, I tried to find one within a few miles of my house. If I was going to be away from my family for 30 to 40 hours a week, I didn’t want to extend that by adding a long commute. Lo and behold, I ended up at a job 25 miles from home. Depending on the traffic, that adds an extra hour each day.

But you know what they say: Who’s to say what’s bad or good?

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