Giving Away Our Wealth

At that statement, his face fell, and he went away sad, for he had many possessions.   Mark 10:22

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5.1.19 Giving Away Our Wealth

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As Catholic moms, we strive to raise faith-filled children, all while trying to grow closer to God ourselves. But life gets busy, and with that busyness, our best intentions can go astray.

In Mark 10, when the rich man asks Jesus what he needs to do to inherit eternal life, Jesus looks at him, loves him, and tells him to sell what he owns and give the money to the poor. Although the rich man follows every commandment, he just can’t follow this directive. His wealth means too much to him. He walks away sad.

Most of us aren’t wealthy. So we’re not prone to get into the same pickle the rich man did. Yet, I believe this story still applies to us — not in terms of wealth, but, believe it or not, in terms of time.

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