My Devotions in These Days

59264TDcoverfor_00000029472I’m thrilled to announce that I have seven devotions published in the spring edition of These Days devotional. I would like to thank Pastor Mary Lindberg and her team for this amazing  opportunity.

Here is a quick excerpt of one of those devotions:

A Golden Moment

Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice?    Proverbs 8:1

My oldest son has become all things “teenager.” As he pushes me further away to establish his independence, I find I’m drawing nearer to God in my dependence.

Recently, the friction from that push and pull lit us both on fire. In the midst of the heated argument, I felt prompted to tell him: “This is new territory for me too! I don’t know how to handle this, and it’s killing me!”

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2 thoughts on “My Devotions in These Days

  1. Congratulations and Blessings on you for your admirable accomplishment in having your inspirational and enlightened reflections published in These Days. Be assured, Claire, in your young life as wife, mother and counselor to your children, you are answering Wisdom’s call and hearing the Voice of understanding, as you meet the ever new and uncharted ground of dealing with teenagers. God has also given you an additional calling, I believe: to be through your writings, an uplifting, enlightening and reassuring support for other young moms out there!


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