Being the Example

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As school was winding down last month, my son, Mason, was cast in a local community theatre production. Rehearsals were three times a week, for three- and four hour-stretches. Additionally, he was still on the track team, with three practices and/or meets a week. And, of course, there was still homework.

Needless to say, he was burning the candle at both ends, and his face and attitude showed it. I appreciated that he had a lot on his plate, but the dark cloud he carried around was darkening us all. I was just about to call him on it when I looked in the mirror. 

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2 thoughts on “Being the Example

  1. Once again, Claire, your complete honesty here about seeing and acknowledging your very real struggles as a fully engaged mom and writer is both refreshing and inspiring. Such honesty is what truly melts the Heart of Jesus and evokes His tender Love, Understanding and Compassion to get you through such struggles. I am imagining Him saying, “You, Claire, are doing a better job as a mom than you give yourself credit for. My Love for you knows no bounds. Just remember, I’m ever there beside you, and will never fail supplying you with the wisdom, love, patience and strength you need for every challenge, as you so faithfully fulfill your sacred mission as a loving mother. Next time you look in the mirror, KNOW I’m there, and smile back at me!”


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