Being Clear

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”  Romans 8:26

10.10.19 Being ClearAsk anyone who knows me, and they’ll confirm that I resisted getting an iPhone with all my might! Up until a year ago, I had a fancy, blue, slide-out phone that I loved and showed off with pride, regardless of everyone who laughed at me. But wanting to further my writing career meant I had to join the social media game, and the rest is history.

Now that I have a new fangled iPhone, I recently discovered GIFs. And, oh what fun they are! I decided using them was going to be my “thing,” my signature response to text messages, instead of words. It’s proving to be more complicated than I thought.

In order to find the exact right GIF to match the occasion, you have to be very clear in your search, literally! Inputting the wrong word in the GIF search bar throws you into an infinite amount of moving images that don’t pertain at all.

Harder still, is when you do input the correct word, there are a plethora of images that change the nuance. Just that subtle shift can offend whomever you’re responding to, making it seem like you’re mocking them, versus affirming them. It’s a communication mine filed: Rather than my volley of an image being what lightens up a tough situation, it could light things up like a match in a powder keg.

This new little hobby has me realizing I’m not always as clear as I think I am. My poor kids! Maybe this means they’re not always to blame for not meeting my expectations? Maybe I haven’t always been clear as to what those expectations are after all?

The relief is there is one place I don’t have to worry about whether I’m clear or not, and that’s with God. Whether I know what’s on my heart and mind, or not, I never risk offending Him. I never have to strain and search for the right words to say, or even know what I’m asking Him for. He already knows.

In fact, when I go to Him, He’s the one who gives me clarity. He helps me sort through the muck of my emotions and chaos, bringing me to a place where I know what I need, who I am, and whose I am.

Question for Reflection:

     * When I truly think about it, am I as clear with people as I think I am?

* Do I realize I don’t have to be clear when I go to God for help? That, in fact, He’s the one who will give me clarity?

2 thoughts on “Being Clear

  1. Claire,
    This made me laugh because my phone looks almost exactly the same. Though it is tempting to get an iPhone for different reasons, I have resisted based on knowing that I struggle enough with good technology limits that I did not want to have such constant, quick access (among other reasons). The reason I most want an iPhone is for pictures.

    I love the ending of your post. It is comforting knowing that God knows our hearts fully, so when we are confused, we rest in the certainty that he knows and is working all things for our good – leading and guiding us.


    • Amanda, those are my exact reasons for not wanting an iphone! I am an extremist and struggle with limits and boundaries. It’s an ongoing battle with technology and having a little computer in my hand really challenges me on a daily basis. Stay the course, Amanda! Hold out and stay true to you! I’ll live vicariously through your phone. 🙂


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