Lowering Them Down Through the Roof

Unable to get near Jesus because of the crowd, they opened up the roof above him. After they had broken through, they let down the mat on which the paralytic was lying.    Mark 2:4

1.17.20 Lowering Them Down Through the Roof (2)

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My mom is a devout pray-er. If anyone asks her to pray for them, or she hears of anyone in trouble, that person goes onto her list and never comes off. To date, she prays for over 400 people, by name, each and every day. Her faith and prayers have had an immense impact on so many people.

She knows there is power in numbers. So, a few years ago, she began asking others to pray with her for special intentions. Her Prayer Warrior email group is now over 40 people strong.

A new request came out this week that is tearing at my heart.

A friend of the family, named Kerry, just gave birth to her first child (Riley Ann) on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Kerry collapsed and hit her head. Long story short, she had to be resuscitated three times and was medevaced to a Boston hospital. The large blood clot that traveled between her lungs and heart has caused more complications than I can list here. Suffice it to say, Kerry is now fighting for her life, and is in desperate need of prayers.

Unlike the Gospel story of the paralytic in Mark 2, Jesus isn’t walking among us in the flesh, surrounded by so many people we can’t get to Him. Yet, He is here, nonetheless.

When we hear of someone in need, especially when they’re in crisis mode, we can all band together and bring that person to Him spiritually. As we spread the word via mouth, email, or social media, we gather enough strength to pull back the roof above Jesus and lower that person down into His midst.

In Mark 2, there’s never any mention of the paralytic’s level of faith; It’s the friends’ deep faith that inspires Jesus to heal him. When we believe, deep within our hearts, that Jesus will take care of those we bring to Him, the healing does begin.

Question for Reflection:

     * When I hear of someone in need, do I bring him or her to Jesus in prayer with deep faith?


P.S. – If you could please add Kerry to your prayers, and get the word out to any praying person you know, I’d be grateful. Let’s join forces and peel back the roof, getting Kerry to Jesus the fastest way possible.

7 thoughts on “Lowering Them Down Through the Roof

    • It is SO heartbreaking, Robin! I couldn’t include all the details of what she’s been through, too hard to type, too hard to read. But she is improving. Between all the prayers and her husband playing video’s of her new daughter in her ear, Kerry is fighting hard and making progress. Please continue to keep her in your prayers for 100% recovery!


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