Bringing Us Back to Our Land

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Thus says the Lord God: I will soon take the Israelites from among the nations to which they have gone and gather them from all around to bring them back to their land. Ezekiel 37:21

April extra Bringing Us Back to Our Land

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our landscape is shifting on a daily basis. We are all floundering about, trying to find somewhere solid and unchanging to place our feet. Some people are trying to stand on the stones of blame, pointing the finger at politicians, and God.

I, for one, have never thought God was, or is, to blame for any problem in our world. I do believe, however, that God always show up in the midst of the problem, hand outstretched, wanting to accompany us through to the other side.

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2 thoughts on “Bringing Us Back to Our Land

  1. You’ve certainly captured everything I believe and am trying to live these days, Claire, one day at a time, as you say and know so well, being ready and attentive to find the Gift God presents to us individually each new day of this pandemic, and where He wants to lead us, now that He has our full attention! For me, it’s a once in a lifetime experience that I want to live to the full, since I believe it’s God’s loving plan to teach me, as Jeremiah 33 says, mysteries of which I know nothing! I especially loved your connecting God wanting to take the Israelites back to their promised land to our present situation, where you say, “He is the Land He wants us to return to, FULLY…” and He’s lovingly providing us, each in our own way, with a unique opportunity to do just that! Let’s pray we don’t miss it!


    • I love how your perspective is always so open and optimistic, Jackie! May this crazy time bless you with all the mysteries God wants to teach and reveal to you.


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