Feeding the Wolves

Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”  John 8:12

6.12.20 Feeding the Wolves Pixabay.com

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Jocelyn has a tendency to focus on the bad. She’s more susceptible when she’s tired or hungry, but even on her good days, it sometimes happens. I’ve spent a lot of time explaining that it’s not enough to try and take your mind off of a bad thought: You need to replace it with a happy one. We practice and practice, but it doesn’t always work.

The cool thing is, we just watched a family movie that has equipped her with a whole new perspective.

The movie was Disney’s Tomorrowland with George Clooney. In it, Britt Robertson plays Casey Newton. When her dad is doubting himself, she reminds him of a story he’s told her countless times before: “A wolf of darkness is fighting a wolf of light.” Then she pauses and asks him, “Which one wins?” He answers, “Whichever one you feed.”

I turned to Jocelyn in the moment and explained what the story meant. It’s as if a light bulb light clicked on in her head, and understanding wash over her. She smiled and said, “I get it now.” And she has ever since.

Now, when she feels a bad moment coming on, we talk about the wolves. I ask her which one she wants to feed, and the answer is always, “The wolf of light.” Then she recites whatever life-giving things she can think of, or adds something she’s thankful for in her Gratitude Journal. Just like the visual of the wolf of light getting stronger, and the wolf of darkness dying off, I watch the light inside her grow brighter and brighter.

We all have wolves inside of us, and the battle between them is almost constant. If we’re not mindful of where we place our thoughts, we may be feeding and strengthening the wrong one to victory.

In a world full of so much we can’t control, it’s incredibly empowering to realize we can be in charge of the battle that rages within our heads. So the next time the wolves inside of you fight, which one will you feed?

Questions for Reflection:

     * Am I prone to focusing on the bad instead of the good?

     * If so, would listing my blessings in a Gratitude Journal, or simply listing them in my head help feed the wolf of light?

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6 thoughts on “Feeding the Wolves

  1. Claire, this could not be more appropriate, especially for these times. We all need that lesson,
    and like Jocelyn, hopefully we will all get it!! God bless you for your insight–your amaze me!


    • Thanks, Mom! You’re right that these crazy times are like wolves vying for our minds and hearts. It’s a daily battle, especially when I read the news. That’s when I have to click off, look to Him, and ask for His help in feeding the wolf of light. Wishing you lots of light and love!


  2. Claire, this stunning image of the wolves, and the way you used that Disney Movie
    Tomorrowland to teach Jocelyn how to rid herself of troubling thoughts is one of the most uplifting of all your inspiring reflections that can be applied to every child, as well as to each of us when plagued by negative thoughts: Choose the “Wolf of Light,” not the “Wolf of darkness!” And how rewarding to know that your darling daughter quickly understood and is so helped by that image, now realizing her freedom to choose always the “Wolf of Light.” I pray that every parent who reads this reflection will teach his or her child this powerful, uplifting practice, as you so lovingly did for Jocelyn


    • Thank you, Jackie! I love when a movie my kids like has a “teaching moment.” They roll their eyes when I pause the movie and explain, but I truly believe they then carry those lessons with them, no matter how much I’ve annoyed them!


    • Thanks, Sandra! I do highly recommend the movie. I’ve found the lesson goes well beyond Jocelyn. I’ve been battling some wolves during this uncertain time. It always helps when I have to teach my kids something because it reminds me I’ve forgotten the lesson myself.


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